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Cannabis law in Switzerland

Cannabis law in Switzerland

The legal policy regarding CBD in Switzerland is quite restrictive, although the situation in other parts of the world as it relates to hemp is very similar. The hemp law in Switzerland explicitly states that the plant, in the form of cannabis, is one of the most progressive in the world, while the government's approach to CBD extract remedies, as well as the plant itself (even when not containing THC), is quite liberal.

Switzerland is a country where the limit of THC in finished products cannot exceed a concentration of 1%. This is considerably more than in Europe, where the current legislation states a maximum concentration of up to 0.2% THC. This means that CBD products in Switzerland may have a completely different composition than those intended for the European market, including Poland. It is worth noting, however, that CBD concentrations as low as 1% THC do not affect how CBD preparations will work.

This is, however, a huge difference for farmers in Switzerland, who do not have to worry so much about restrictive regulations, so the production of CBD oils, tablets and other preparations is much easier and... cheaper.

Hemp in Switzerland and the sale of CBD - what is worth knowing?

As far as cannabis law in Switzerland is concerned, it should be noted that possession of raw material containing more than 1% THC is punishable by a fine of 100 francs, or about 450 zlotys at the current exchange rate. Interestingly, possession of quantities of less than 10g of a substance with more than 1% THC content most often only ends in a warning from an officer.

Hemp in Switzerland (industrial) is as legal as possible, as long as it contains less than 1% THC concentration, while with regard to the CBD content of the composition - there are no restrictions here. As a result, hemp is not legally qualified as a drug, but is only subject to the regulations associated with CBD products that are allowed on the market. It is worth adding that such regulations apply to products such as:

  • medicines,
  • cosmetics.
  • household chemicals,
  • foodstuffs.

In addition, there may never be more THC in the plant than is permitted by the cannabis law in Switzerland. It is also worth knowing that products cannot be placed on the market without federal approval, which entails meeting generally accepted norms and standards when producing CBD products.

CBD in Switzerland - what regulations determine the legality of such products?

Any CBD products in Switzerland that contain less than 1% THC are 100% legal and can be safely marketed with the appropriate approval from the enforcement authority. CBD medical products fall under the general legal regulations that apply to medicinal products in the country. It is worth mentioning that foods created from non-CBD seeds, such as flour, oil or seeds, can also be marketed without prior authorisation. Furthermore, synthetic CBD can also be legally used in cosmetics.

CBD in Switzerland - where can you buy it?

In Switzerland, CBD can be purchased in a number of places, including pharmacies, herbal shops, markets selling hemp products and online. Before buying CBD, it is important to make sure that the product comes from a legitimate source and meets quality and safety requirements. It is also worth checking that the proposed remedies do not contain a concentration of more than 1% THC, which would already be illegal in this country, but which is still an exceptionally high limit compared to Polish legislation (for comparison: in Poland, the THC concentration limit is 0.2%).

Medical cannabis and cannabis law in Switzerland - summary

In Switzerland, medical cannabis has been legal since 2011. Doctors can prescribe cannabis to patients as a medicine that can support various ailments, including pain and stress. Cannabis is available as tablets, drops and capsules.

Recreational use of cannabis is not allowed, but the Swiss government is considering legalisation. In cities such as Zurich and Bern, it has been made possible to open consumer clubs where members can use cannabis in a safe and controlled environment.


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