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Cannabis policy in Belgium

Cannabis policy in Belgium

Belgium is a country that is not only famous for its chocolates and waffles, but also for its rather complicated laws relating to cannabis and other stimulants. However, it is worth knowing that Belgians are allowed to grow cannabis, although it is not allowed to consume it in public. The current standards related to the legal regulation of the use of cannabis in its different varieties within Belgium are not clear.

As for products such as CBD oil, which do not contain THC or only traces of less than 0.2 % THC, these are potentially legal in Belgium. Mainly due to the fact that they do not cause any psychoactive reactions even during long-term intake of such preparations.

Legality of CBD in Belgium

When analysing whether CBD oil is legal in Belgium, it is worth taking a closer look at the current regulations that aim to counter the grey market related to cannabis. For the moment, Belgian regulations make it clear that CBD cannabis in Belgium is legal in the same way as in other countries within Europe. This means that consumers within the country can easily buy products such as:

  • CBD ointments,
  • oils,
  • patches,
  • creams,
  • cosmetics with CBD.

The above preparations are 100% legal in Belgium and authorised for both sale and use. The basic condition that determines the legality of CBD in Belgium is that the content of the products must not exceed THC above 0.2%. Officially, products of this type are not intended for consumption, although many people opt for CBD oils for oral intake. Why? Well, these can have a positive effect on sleep problems, appetite and even general wellbeing.

All products for external use can be bought legally in Belgium, but only in pharmacies. As far as CBD in Belgium is concerned, it is also worth mentioning that CBD oils are currently only available by prescription, although work is underway to push through the possibility of purchasing such preparations without a prescription as well, not only in Belgian pharmacies.

Cannabis in Belgium - what about THC?

The legal issues when it comes to CBD oil in Belgium are quite clear, although attempts are still being made to gently soften the stipulations relating to the ability to purchase such products. The government's stance towards THC in Belgium points to some interesting cases. Cannabis containing THC above 0.2% can be legally cultivated, although the trade and production of products containing psychoactive substances is completely prohibited. Currently, Belgian citizens are allowed to cultivate hemp with a limit of 1 plant per person per household.

CBD in Belgium and medical cannabis

As a fairly highly developed country, Belgium has already allowed medical cannabis treatment since 2015. However, the current list of available medicines is heavily truncated. When it comes to taking CBD preparations that contain less than 0.2% THC in the formulation - such products can currently only be purchased in Belgian pharmacies.


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