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Cannabis terpenes - application and properties

Cannabis terpenes - application and properties

Olfactory sensations are extremely important to become interested in a specific product. Terpenes are responsible for our olfactory sensations. They are what we smell. Thanks to them, we know whether a particular scent delights us or rather causes negative impressions. The presence of terpenes also strongly influences the action of, for example, essential oils. They allow for the real feeling of the positive effect of releasing certain scents. It is worth noting that terpenes are simple compounds, and terpenoids are formed under the influence of various kinds of modifications and oxidation processes.

Terpenes – what are they?

Are you wondering what terpenes are? They are specific chemical compounds referred to as secondary metabolites, which are not necessary for human organism development. Terpenes consist of carbon atoms and are associated with the characteristic smell of hemp. Hemp terpenes are certainly a great example of the olfactory phenomenon, which makes hemp so easy to identify. Moreover, terpenes in hemp are devoid of THC, therefore, they do not have psychoactive effects.

Terpenes – what are the types?

In the case of hemp terpenes, there can be different characteristic flavor varieties, which means that we can encounter aromas reminiscent of, for example, berries, mint, and even citrus. Although there are over 100 types of terpenes, several of them are particularly characteristic:

  • Myrcene – an ingredient of essential oils, which is present in hops, sage, and also in Indian hemp. If you are interested in the presence of hemp terpene in essential oils, you will reach for those oils that contain Myrcene.
  • Pinene – a terpene being the main ingredient of pine resin, it is useful in dealing with insects and in dilating the bronchi.
  • Eucalyptol – responsible for the characteristic smell of eucalyptus, and also rosemary. It is ideal for combining with hemp.
  • Linalool – responsible for relieving stress and tension, it is found in lilies of the valley.
  • Caryophyllene – stimulates the production of dopamine, if we lead it to cooperate with cannabinoids. It is associated with the taste and aroma of brewed beer.
  • Limonene – this terpene is found in lemon peel and has strong antidepressant and stimulating properties. All the above terpenes (and dozens of others) were found in different varieties of hemp terpenes.

Properties of hemp terpenes

Terpenes are extremely volatile and aromatic compounds, which condition the performance of specific actions. Just like some of them act repellently on insects and condition the state of relaxation in humans, so on the basis of synergy work terpenes present in hemp. Thanks to the fact that terpenes enter into the proper interaction with cannabinoids, the benefits resulting from the use of hemp are increased. A full spectrum of terpenes present in hemp allows for the proper operation of the entire therapy undertaken using cannabinoids. It is also indicated that part of the terpenes, e.g. limonene, shows the antioxidant action of THC. On the other hand, linalool clearly allows for muscle relaxation. However, it should be remembered that hemp terpenes are still at the research stage, and their properties are not fully known. Therefore, only in the future we will get to know the full spectrum of possibilities that the compounds contained in hemp give us.

Use of hemp terpenes

Hemp terpenes are successfully used in cosmetics both as a fragrance agent and beneficially influencing, for example, the skin. There is no doubt that the important actions that balsamic turpentine has medicinally used in medicine and aesthetics stand out. As additives, hemp terpenes are added to oils, liquid vaporizing bases, and also to herbal extracts. Aromatherapy, in which it is possible to make the fullest use of the possibilities offered by various combinations of terpenes contained in hemp, certainly deserves special attention.



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