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CBD and sport - the effects of hemp on the body

CBD and sport - the effects of hemp on the body

There is an enormous amount of research currently being conducted to verify the extent to which the CBD contained in hemp can affect the human body. The results of these studies show the versatile use of this remedy, which can also be seen in the case of athletes. Research has confirmed that CBD is useful in sport due to its regenerative properties, as well as its pain-relieving, strengthening effect in the case of injuries and muscle and joint damage. It should be noted here that CBD is used by athletes of various levels: both amateurs and professionals. At the same time, the anti-doping agency stresses that CBD is legal, so there is no need to hide its use, and it is not harmful to the health and performance evaluation of athletes.

What is CBD?

A variety of substances can be found in hemp of various kinds. One of these is CBD, or cannabinodiol. In contrast to the THC substance found in cannabis, cannabis seeds only contain the non-addictive, safe and non-psychoactive substance CBD. It also helps to visibly improve the state of the body, its functioning and therefore improves lifestyle. It is also increasingly beginning to distinguish between the different types of cannabis and it is being recognised that CBD has nothing to do with the illegal narcotic substances that have so far usually been associated with the word 'hemp'.

CBD and sport - why is it combined?

Many people may wonder what the health-promoting use of CBD is, and sport seems to answer this question perfectly. It is in the case of sports medicine that there is a particular focus on effects, and the precise and proven use of legal, athlete-enhancing substances. In the case of CBD, it is particularly noteworthy how this substance supports injured athletes to recover, and to actually continue their sporting struggles. CBD helps with:

  • Relaxation,
  • Reducing pain, 
  • Reducing inflammation.

At the same time, CBD approved for sale has less than 0.2% THC and therefore has no narcotic properties. It will not intoxicate or put you into other undesirable states. Moreover, this remedy will safely replace painkillers, although, as with any drug or supplement, one must not forget to dose the substance prudently.

CBD oil and sport - what are its uses?

The presence of preparations prepared from cannabis seeds in a training programme is natural and no longer surprises anyone these days. What is more, it is increasingly understood to use CBD oil and sport is the ideal field for this, as it is training that requires the maximum possible efficiency and the recovery process after injuries and trauma must take place under the best possible conditions. It is also definitely worth noting that CBD can work well for some of the ailments that accompany sports training.

  1. Counteracting cramps. Every athlete knows how serious a problem cramps can be when they occur. Whether it is a problem that often accompanies you or occurs infrequently, reaching for CBD can help your muscles relax better. This will allow them to stretch and strengthen without the pain usually associated with this process.
  2. Relaxing yourself. Constantly thinking about training and competitions involves building up constant tension and therefore stress. If nothing is done about it, it can turn into chronic stress and the person becomes irritable with the situation. It is for such people that the use of CBD is recommended, in order to relax effectively, while at the same time not getting into a state of so-called high.
  3. Appearance of nausea. The practice of sport is sometimes associated with the appearance of nausea and nausea. The discomfort accompanying this condition effectively prevents not only training, but also functioning comfortably. CBD effectively combats nausea and vomiting.
  4. Pain relief. Chronic pain naturally accompanies athletes, yet it is the ailment that most severely affects daily training. It is an excellent solution if the athlete in question is struggling with pain following an injury.


Potential Role of Cannabidiol on Sports Recovery: A Narrative Review: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8369499/




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