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CBD for epilepsy - is it worth using?

CBD for epilepsy - is it worth using?

Epilepsy is one of the better-known yet still largely misunderstood diseases. It's estimated that in over half of the cases, it's not possible to definitively determine the cause of this condition. Therefore, efforts are ongoing to find ways to realistically cope with this problem. Many people are looking into what helps with epilepsy and they use various preparations for this purpose, not necessarily medications. Some choose to use hemp and the CBD oil produced from it. Epilepsy forums often discuss this topic; this disease might be one where the effects of this preparation could be very positive.

Using CBD and treating epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological disease associated with temporary brain impairment. During an attack, bioelectric discharges occur, which ultimately lead to convulsions. The direct causes of epilepsy are not fully known; only indirect reasons can be determined. About 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy, making it one of the most common disorders. The World Health Organization reports that CBD can be used as a supplement to help alleviate some side effects of epilepsy, such as sleep problems. Seizures have various causes, including:

  • Chronic lack of sleep;
  • Various cases of epilepsy;
  • Brain infection;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Overdose of drugs and strong medicines;
  • Genetic and congenital defects.

How does CBD work on epilepsy?

Epilepsy was one of the first diseases for which the effective action of CBD oil was confirmed. Not only oils but also pure cannabidiol itself are effective in therapy. Epilepsy treatment involves the use of a range of drugs. CBD, which is remarkably safe and minimizes the invasiveness of counteracting epilepsy, is increasingly being reached for. Using CBD supports:

  • Neural cells;
  • Muscle tension reduction;
  • Anti-nausea effect;
  • Stress reduction;
  • Decrease in drowsiness.

CBD oil and antiepileptic drugs

The use of hemp products should always be discussed with a doctor. This is particularly important if the patient takes any antiepileptic drugs. It's indicated that even low doses of CBD oil can inhibit the availability of P450 enzymes, thereby prolonging the action of certain epilepsy drugs. As a result, when taking antiepileptic drugs, it's recommended to refrain from using CBD unless the doctor explicitly allows the oil to be included in the diet. Whether to use CBD oil as a supplement in epilepsy therapy must be consulted with a doctor.

CBD oil – dog epilepsy

There's no doubt that epilepsy is a problem that affects not only humans but also animals. Increasingly, CBD oil is being given to dogs. In doing so, it has been observed that this product improves sleep quality and reduces stress in animals. However, it should be remembered that the decision to use the preparation should be consulted with a vet.


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