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CBD for the common cold

CBD for the common cold

Fighting a cold often leads us to various home remedies and specifics, not just over-the-counter drugs. Among such products is CBD. Derived from hemp, this substance shows a range of health-promoting properties in studies, which are worth considering for prophylactic use in the fight against colds.

CBD for a cold – is it effective?

A cold is a viral, infectious disease affecting the upper respiratory tract. Everyone has dealt with it, and its main symptoms include a runny nose, fatigue, sore throat, or general weakness often accompanied by a fever. Natural medicine has long been used in treating such diseases. Herbs for a cold have been used practically forever, and everyone remembers their grandmother's advice to drink linden or sage infusion during illness. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people use CBD prophylactically to boost immunity. It affects many physiological processes. Mainly, cannabidiol is responsible for maintaining balance in the body, and its disturbance can lead to reduced immunity and easier illness. Another reason for flu or colds is stress. During periods when we experience a lot of stressful situations, lack sleep, we are additionally exposed. Excessive production of cortisol - the stress hormone largely causes reduced immunity. Therefore, to calm the body and improve sleep quality, it is worth using CBD oils as a natural supplement.

CBD action boosting immunity

Cannabinoids stimulate immunity. However, remember that such agents are not medicines and they can be used additionally after consulting a doctor. The ingredients of the preparation interact with each other based on the synergy effect, reinforcing each other's action. It is therefore important that the preparation is of the highest quality and adapted to our individual needs. CBD oils can be used after falling ill to generally strengthen immunity, so that the body can more easily cope with the disease - and not as a cure for a cold.

Sore throat and dry cough – CBD usefulness

What are the symptoms of a sore throat?

  • Cough;
  • Stuffy nose and excessive discharge;
  • Pain during swallowing;
  • Dryness in the throat;
  • Reddened throat, feeling of burning and tingling.A sore throat is most often caused by bacterial or viral infection. CBD, since it has antibacterial properties, can help combat their impact on the body.

If we choose an oil enriched with mint or lemon, we can enhance its action, providing additional vitamins for the immune system. One of the seasonal diseases associated with severe sore throat is tonsillitis, and CBD will be an effective means of combating its side effects such as bad mood. For a sore throat, which is one of the symptoms of a cold or flu, it is recommended to use CBD infusions and teas, which also affect our immunity. Remember that CBD only supports the body and is not a cure for a cold or flu.

Additional symptoms of seasonal diseases are: runny nose, headache, red eyes, dry cough. CBD is an ideal pain reliever, which in many cases can replace traditional remedies like ibuprofen, which are often used to relieve pains associated with a cold and throat infection. However, before we reach for such a solution, we should consult a doctor, because CBD can interact with other drugs that we use during the disease. What are the advantages of using hemp tea?

  • Improvement of hormonal balance,
  • Improvement of the digestive system,
  • Relaxation and reduction of the impact of stress on the body,
  • Natural support for immunity.


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