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CBD for the elderly - dosage, recommendations

CBD for the elderly - dosage, recommendations

Interest in cannabinoid oils can be seen in many fields. In a series of studies, experts are trying to verify the effect of substances derived from hemp in dealing with difficult states of our body. Although it is not a drug, hemp oil for seniors can be used as an auxiliary in dealing with, for example, Alzheimer's. What exactly should you know about reaching for this substance in the case of older people?

Can CBD for seniors be used safely?

The basic question we should ask ourselves is whether researchers have at all verified how CBD oil works for seniors. The use of this substance for medical purposes is often presented in the context of diseases and health problems affecting older people. Clinical researchers have conducted numerous studies to verify whether CBD can actually be used as an aid to the treatment process with actual drugs. Although initial studies covered every age group, life in an aging society clearly revised the view of scientists who began to check what the use of this substance can cause in older people.

When can you opt for CBD oil for seniors?

Currently, almost 10% of the world's population can be called a senior, although in the developed countries of Europe and North America this rate is practically twice as high. We can successfully opt for CBD oil for grandparents if we want to support them in dealing with a number of stressful situations and fears. Studies have shown that this drug may be a clear support for the treatment of conditions such as ADHD, psoriasis, and even arthritis. In the case of seniors, the action of the drug also involves better coping with the consequences of a number of underlying diseases.

What does CBD work on in seniors?

The use of CBD for grandma can greatly support the process of combating negative aging processes. It is in old age that we are exposed to enhanced physical pain and memory lapses. Doctors use a number of drugs to remedy the problem, but increasingly, the potential of non-medical agents, including CBD, is pointed out. Why isn't it a drug? CBD is not at a sufficient stage of research to be considered a medication, so it should not be used for this purpose. A better idea is to reach for it carefully. Studies clearly indicated that in older people, CBD works on states of anxiety, restlessness, and the aforementioned pain.

The essence of CBD

In the older population, social phobia and various other forms of anxiety are a problem. For this reason, the use of hemp oil in the form of CBD can effectively support the fight against anxiety, and therefore may enable better integration of these people into the community.

Dementia and CBD for grandpa

One of the most frequently indicated health problems that CBD may work on is dementia and its various forms. So far, studies have shown that learning abilities are greater when using CBD. The studies were initially conducted on mice, where this type of relationship was noticed. However, only repeated repetition of the studies in humans and on a larger scale will allow us to say whether CBD can be used as a drug for seniors.

How to use CBD in seniors?

It is not a drug, but there is nothing to prevent the use of CBD oil to support treatment. It is a fully legal substance, allowed for sale and use. How to use the product? First of all, it is worth consulting a doctor first. However, if we decide to use it, we should adjust the amount to the selected concentration (e.g., CBD oil 5 or 10 percent). We should remember about:

  • Regular intake of the preparation - it is recommended to take it 3 times a day.
  • Take the preparation before or after eating - the time gap should always be at least 30 minutes.
  • Prophylactically, 3 to 4 drops are taken under the tongue, where they are held for 60 seconds. Only then should the oil be swallowed.
  • Choosing proven products.


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