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CBD oil for high blood pressure?

CBD oil for high blood pressure?

The soothing effect of CBD is particularly effective in treating symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Although the safety of products containing CBD oil is emphasized, and drugs in most cases do not interfere with this substance, studies have shown that Cannabidiol can contribute to the change in processing some drugs by the body. In the case of certain medicinal substances, a quite natural and important question arises: will there be this change in my drugs as well? Especially people with high blood pressure problem ask themselves this question. What is the truth?

What is hypertension?

Let's explain first that the problem of high blood pressure, which affects many people, means that the blood is pressing too hard on the walls of the arteries. As a rule, in every human being during the day you can observe both a decrease and an increase in pressure during the day and this is a natural change. On the other hand, in people with hypertension, the problem persists constantly and means that the pressure is almost always too high. This leads to the need to take appropriate medications to alleviate this problem.

Types of hypertension

There are two types of hypertension: Primary - most common and developing without a specific cause. The reasons can be found in genetics, body weight or other changes in the body. Secondary - this type of hypertension is more dangerous, it appears quickly and has alarming symptoms. Above all, it is caused by kidney diseases, alcohol abuse, thyroid problems, congenital heart defects, as well as medications and stimulants. Hypertension as a rather hidden disease may not reveal itself for a long time. However, the symptoms intensify, among which we can distinguish: headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, shallow breathing, blood in urine, changes in vision, flushing, chest pain.

CBD oil for hypertension

Returning to the original topic, we should answer what the relationship between CBD and hypertension drugs is. Research on the problem with pressure is ambiguous, although as a rule they emphasize the calming effect of the substance, which causes a decrease in pressure. This was true for both calm and stressed people. However, even in the latest studies, researchers emphasized that they still need more tests to definitively assess the impact of CBD on cardiovascular disorders. And what exactly do the studies suggest when it comes to CBD oil and hypertension drugs?

CBD oil and hypertension medication

According to the World Health Organization and the FDA, the potential benefits of using CBD can be appreciated. As a rule, the WHO report describes CBD oil as well-tolerated by the body and not causing any risky behaviors bordering on addiction. However, studies have also shown that CBD as a cannabinoid shows a biphasic action. What does that mean? Above all, the effects depend on the dose taken, as sometimes it can cause a drop in pressure, but sometimes also its increase. So, can CBD oil be combined with drugs? The answer to this is: it depends on the doctor's decision. Each time there is a risk of an adverse reaction with a specific hypertension drug. Lack of sufficient knowledge about this substance makes it impossible to say that this substance is always safe. Therefore, considering using CBD oil as a substance supporting treatment, you should definitely first talk to your doctor about it. Why? Above all, the doctor has more knowledge about the content of the drugs prescribed by him and how it can combine with the fact that CBD interacts in a specific way with the CYP450 and CYP3A4 enzymes. This can affect the rate of drug metabolism, e.g. by slowing it down. As a result, keeping the dose set by the doctor becomes a problem, and this poses a danger to our body. Therefore, in case of problems with hypertension, reaching for CBD should not be too hasty.


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