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CBD vaporisation - what does it involve?

CBD vaporisation - what does it involve?

The topic of hemp has been electrifying the community for years now. Although the focus used to be on addictive substances, the medicinal values of hemp contained in CBD are actually coming to the fore more and more. It is a specific active substance that is particularly well absorbed in a particular form of smoking. CBD vaporisation, as this is not what we are talking about, is definitely safer and also healthier than the standard method of smoking dried herb.

What is herbal vaporisation?

Generally speaking, vaporising herbs involves effectively heating them to a specific temperature. The terpenes and cannabinoids contained in the cannabis are activated by the heat. These are released in the form of vapour, which is inhaled. This method is unique in that it does not rely on the production of smoke. There are many reasons why vaporisation is very popular. Among these are:

  • Lack of smoke - the dry is not burnt, so there can be no smoke formation, which is normally much more toxic.
  • Absence of carcinogens,
  • Reduction of respiratory problems,
  • Preservation of active substances - because vaporisation takes place at a lower temperature, fewer essential substances are destroyed. The vapour of the dried product is stronger.

What effects does CBD vaporisation have?

For those who want to find out what CBD vaporisation is, the effects produced will certainly be of interest if we focus, among other things, on the practical advantages of this method. The dryness for vaporisation is the same as for smoking, while at the same time the process gives the cannabis a far greater potency. Thanks to the fact that CBD vaporisation preserves most of the active substances, we can enjoy the full essence of the product. At the same time, it is important to remember that the degree Celsius is important during a specific process such as CBD vaporisation. What temperature is advisable? This is not clearly defined, as some terpenes contained in the dried product have different boiling and release temperatures. However, by far the most relevant point is that vaporisation does not involve such high temperatures as 'traditional' cannabis smoking. What's more, being able to adjust (at least to some extent) the temperature allows us to better decide at which point we can best sense the full essence of the herb.

Vaporiser - what is it and what should you know about it?

The device used for effective vaporisation is a vaporiser. What is it? It is a device consisting of three components:

  • A heat source (e.g. a battery)
  • The atomiser, i.e. the heating chamber
  • The herb chamber - both dry and oil can be placed in this chamber. The various models of vaporisers vary in appearance, but these three elements are common to all vaporisers. So the question remains: which vaporiser is the best choice? Typically, these devices are divided by their specific heating mechanism:
  • Conductive - this is a much faster process involving bringing the substance into direct contact with a heat source. However, this may result in some of the dried/oil being burnt.
  • Convective - works by using hot air/steam to heat the oil or herb. The substance is heated in a uniform manner.
  • Hybrid - the heating system is equivalent to convection models, but the heat source is much closer to the substance chamber. Studies have shown that a THC vaporiser extracts the essence contained in the smoked dried substance more efficiently.

Vaporisation - harm proven or disproven?

Unlike smoke-producing herb smoking, vaporisation has little if any harmfulness. At the same time, it is important to remember that this only applies to pure dried herb. If one plans to mix it with additives, the effects may be less beneficial to health. Above all, however, there is a significant reduction in harmful substances. This is noted regardless of whether one is concerned with 'burning' the dried or vaporising the CBD oil. However, the best evidence of this is the indications and reactions of those who have used this method. For the vast majority, CBD vaporisation has very positive feedback. The process seems not only more efficient, but also healthier and more economical.


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