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Croatia and cannabis law

Croatia and cannabis law

In Croatia, a law was introduced in 2013 allowing the cultivation of seed hemp, provided it contains less than 0.2% THC. This law allowed the cultivation of seed hemp for industrial purposes, such as the production of fibers, oils and biofuels. Cultivation of seed hemp is legal only for industrial purposes, not recreational or medical purposes.
At the same time, the possession, sale and consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes is illegal in Croatia. Under current law, possession of marijuana can result in a fine or even a prison sentence. As for CBD in Croatia, it is currently a 100% safe substance.

Recently, however, there have been initiatives to legalize marijuana for medical purposes in Croatia. In 2021, the Croatian government considered a bill that would legalize the cultivation and sale of marijuana for medical purposes, but its implementation is still under debate.

CBD in Croatia - what is worth knowing?

The legal status of CBD in Croatia is clear. As in other European countries, this substance is fully legal. The law allows the production, sale and distribution of CBD. Croatia does, however, impose some restrictions, as the substance can only come from legally operated hemp plantations.

The government in Croatia, with regard to CBD, ruled in 2019 that the substance is not a drug. This means that it can be legally processed, cultivated and sold or even ingested. A condition of the substance's legality is that products must not contain more than 0.2% THC in the formulation, that is, in the final product. What's more, CBD oils and other preparations in Croatia must have the necessary tests and quality certificates. As of 2019, hemp products are not subject to the Croatian Ministry of Health, only agriculture.

According to the CBD-Croatia law, hemp can be grown, processed and sold like agricultural goods. Public opinion is as favorable in the country as the regulations set by the government. According to the latest information, Croatians are most likely to consume hemp foods, cosmetics and CBD oils.

THC and CBD - Croatia

You already know that CBD in Croatia is 100% legal. But what about THC? Unfortunately, preparations with this substance are only legally available for medical marijuana treatment. The Croatian Ministry of Health allows the use of cannabis-based medicines according to the law of October 15, 2015. Possession of THC for personal use is subject to a fine of up to several thousand dollars.

Medical marijuana in Croatia

When it comes to medical marijuana, the situation is simple. A prescription from a doctor is necessary, and there are limits on THC per person. That's a maximum of 0.75 grams per prescription. Despite the general legalization of CBD in Croatia and medical marijuana, there is still no acquiescence to growing such plants at home. This is still an illegal activity!

Croatia is one of the few countries in Europe where the option to grow cannabis for medical purposes has been introduced, but only for selected entities. This applies to entities that have received permits for such activities. Cultivation for recreational purposes is illegal and treated as a crime according to the Anti-Drug Law in Croatia. The latest draft on CBD and THC in Croatia came into effect in 2019, and stipulates that the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices grant the appropriate permits for cannabis cultivation in the country.

To sum up: CBD in Croatia is 100% legal and anyone can use this type of preparation, as well as hemp food. It is worth mentioning that farmers who want to grow hemp can do so for the following purposes: construction, textile and food, and only with plants with THC content of less than 0.2%.


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