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Does the concentration of CBD matter?

Does the concentration of CBD matter?

Often before buying our first cbd oil we wonder what concentration to choose. Of course, experts and forums recommend buying the minimum dose and increasing it later. However, if you feel that the amount you have taken so far is no longer sufficient, simply start taking more oil. You will then get a stronger effect without having to buy a new bottle of oil with a higher concentration.

How to use cbd oil?

Using CBD, especially at the beginning, is a trial and error method until you feel comfortable with a given amount of the product. It is important not to be discouraged if the effects do not appear quickly, as it takes time for the product to take effect. What amounts of cbd do the oils on the market contain?


  • In 10 ml of oil with a concentration of 5%, there are 500 mg of active substances
  • In 10 ml of oil with a concentration of 10%, there are 1000 mg of active substances. 
  • In 10 ml of oil with a concentration of 20%, there are 2000 mg of active substances.

Dosage of CBD products


When planning supplementation with cbd oils, consult a doctor who is experienced with THC and CBD. Furthermore, if you are taking medication on a regular basis, you should check that the cannabis you are taking does not affect their metabolic pathways. We can find different concentrations on the market, but determining the optimal dose is not at all that simple. Of course, taking more cbd oils with low concentrations will have the same effect as with higher concentrations, as it is the number of mg of active substances that matters. However, if you want a higher dose of cbd, oils with higher concentrations will be more effective. It is also important to bear in mind that the effects obtained will not be textbook and will look different for each organism. Furthermore, the same dose will work for everyone at a different time. A common procedure in determining the optimal amount of cbd we should take is microdosing. This will determine our individual dose. Tolerance to the effects of CBD oils can vary. If you do not notice effects after a while, you should take a break for a few days. After this time, we can resume supplementation. We can also divide a single dose into several smaller ones.

For whom are higher concentrations of cbd oils dedicated?

The strongest oils are those with concentrations of 20%, which contain 2000 mg of cbd. They are recommended for people who have been using this supplementation for a long time. Anyone who wants to take comprehensive care of their well-being and health in a natural way should reach for hemp products. What is more, the high concentrations are very efficient. A single dose contains a higher amount of cbd than weaker oils. Thus, a stronger support is then obtained. Of course, it is important to remember that you should not start with the highest dose and it is recommended to gradually increase the amount of cbd you take.

When to use high concentrations?


  • We belong to the group of professional athletes or intensively trained people who expect high performance and optimal support for the body. The use of cbd oils counteracts muscle inflammation or helps to combat mental tension before important competitions. 
  • Hemp oils with high concentrations, such as CBD 20%, are also a good solution for people struggling with constant tension and stress caused by work or life situations. The full spectrum of phytocannabinoids and other important active ingredients present in cbd oils will take care of proper sleep and rest.
  • High concentrations of cbd oils will also be an alternative to painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have been struggling with rheumatic or menstrual pain, migraine or even allergic reactions for a long time, it is worth opting for hemp products. Pharmacy painkillers put a strain on the liver and the body. It is therefore worth reaching for natural and safe cbd oils with higher concentrations. 
  • High concentrations of cbd like 20% will also work well for treating skin problems. If you have problems with acne, dry or excessively oily skin, care with cbd oils will be very effective. The high concentrations of safe and natural active ingredients present in cannabis are often used in cosmetology.




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