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Health benefits after quitting smoking

Health benefits after quitting smoking

Quitting smoking is not as easy as it might seem. People who have smoked one packet after another for years know this in particular. However, the adverse effects of this practice on health make it the only way to save your body at some point. However, long-term smoking contributes to the constant presence of toxins in the body and is also addictive, so the process of quitting cigarettes is fraught with additional difficulties. It's worth knowing the advantages and disadvantages of quitting smoking to know whether it's actually worth betting on this form of looking after yourself.

Why stop smoking?

According to official indications, experts say that nicotine addiction is a kind of illness, although there are also psychotherapists who categorically refuse to reduce it to an illness. Whatever the nomenclature, quitting smoking is extremely difficult. This applies to both traditional cigarette smokers and vapers. It is not without reason that the WHO organises periodic actions and campaigns to encourage people to quit this habit. Its actions increase the places where addicts can seek and find support. Quitting smoking is a good option because it conditions a number of short- and long-term positive effects on our bodies. First and foremost among the symptoms after quitting smoking are noticeable changes in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as ECG and brain activity. The value of this is shown especially by the benefits of quitting smoking. An online forum is one place where ex-smokers themselves describe their conversion process.

Benefits of quitting smoking day by day

Thinking about it, what are the benefits of quitting smoking day after day our body will start to feel. What happens in the first few hours?

  • After 20 minutes - there is a noticeable drop in heart rate,
  • Within 12 hours - carbon monoxide levels in the blood are normalised,
  • After 24 hours - the risk of acute myocardial infarction is significantly reduced.

And what does it look like in the following days? It is worth taking a look at the first few days and what they bring to our bodies. It is worth noting here that the first symptoms are not very pleasant and "encourage" a return to addiction, as the poisoned organism continues to "demand" its previous poison. Day one: onset of nicotine craving Many people also wonder how long the malaise lasts after quitting smoking. The appearance of nicotine craving the day after quitting smoking proves that it will clearly be difficult at first to feel better. What are the symptoms of craving?


  • Decline in mood,
  • irritability,
  • A compulsive desire to light up a cigarette.

It is the hunger that is sometimes so intense that it is the main reason for returning to smoking. Day two: headache The return to normal of blood pressure and heart rate causes the body to receive a kind of shock. As a result, headaches start to occur, which can even last for several weeks. The key thing is that once they have subsided, the body will be free of the harmful nicotine. Day three cough The smoker's tense bronchi finally begin to relax. This results in a cough, as the lung cilia are finally not paralysed by tobacco smoke and can return to working properly. Day four Among the subsequent symptoms, a sharpening of the senses of taste and smell stands out. As a result, we have a greater appetite, which can result in weight gain. At the same time, we derive more pleasure from food, because these taste good to us and smell good. What then? With each passing day, new withdrawal symptoms appear. For example, the complexion improves and, after quitting smoking, the skin is better hydrated and has a better blood supply. With the passage of time, the risk of various diseases, including lung cancer, among others, decreases. And what are the stages of cleansing the body after quitting smoking?

  • First, it normalises carbon monoxide levels and improves circulation and lung function;
  • Within 1 to 9 months - coughing and shortness of breath subside, meaning toxins are positively overcome;
  • After one year - the risk of many heart diseases is reduced;
  • After five years or so - the risk of cancer and stroke is reduced;
  • After 15-20 years (in extreme cases) - the risk of lung cancer is that of a non-smoker.

How long does depression last after quitting smoking?

Here it is impossible not to mention the problem of depression. This is because it appears with the first symptoms of nicotine craving. How long does depression last after quitting smoking? The answer is: it depends. Although physically the most intense symptoms of quitting smoking last a few days (although coughing persists for months), it is worth setting yourself up for the depression itself to last at least one, and usually several weeks. During this time, new habits are established. After a few weeks, we should no longer feel the depressive state. But what if it still accompanies us? Then it is worth seeing an expert, because there are many indications that quitting smoking is not solely to blame.


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