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Hemp in Ireland

Hemp in Ireland

Wondering how CBD is perceived in Ireland? This country is primarily associated with a positive attitude towards the plant. Ireland is therefore a liberal country with a fairly lenient cannabis policy, particularly in relation to CBD. Products containing cannabidiol are legal throughout the country. However, it is important to remember that cannabis in Ireland containing THC is illegal and you may even face legal consequences for possession.

Growing cannabis in Ireland - what's worth knowing?

The law in Ireland allows for the legal cultivation of seed cannabis, particularly for farmers and businesses with a minimum acreage of 75 acres. What's more, in addition to being able to grow completely legally, specific farms and businesses can engage in crop processing and production of various types. CBD in Ireland is therefore a particularly popular substance of choice for many Irish residents.

Companies that wish to start production and cultivation should apply for a licence from the HPRA, the Health Products Regulatory Authority. It is also worth noting that only varieties that are approved by the aforementioned organisation - mainly in terms of the psychoactive substance THC - can be grown in Ireland. Any plantations established in the country must be located far from public roads and plants must not contain more than 0.2% THC.

The cannabis cultivation activities of companies in Ireland are at the forefront of business throughout the European Union. The industry is growing steadily and the Irish government is working hard to enable farmers to grow safely and efficiently.

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Is CBD legal in Ireland? Yes or no?

Ireland is a country where you can buy CBD extracts, dried and even food products containing CBD without the slightest problem. The country's government treats such remedies as recreational preparations. CBD is not currently recognised as a medical product by the Health Products Regulatory Authority. Interestingly, the government has also introduced special licences for medicinal products that are available in pharmacies without a prescription. Manufacturers must apply for such a licence in order to market a product that will meet pharmacological standards, but is still not a medicine.

Bottom line: CBD is fully legal in Ireland as long as the manufacturer has the appropriate licences to market the products, and these contain THC concentrations of less than 0.2%.

What are the penalties for possession of THC drugs in Ireland?

The law in Ireland makes a distinction between possession of cannabis for personal use and the intention to sell it. When it comes to possession, it is worth bearing in mind that the penalties are fairly lenient. However, when anyone is involved in the illegal production and sale, especially of cannabis with a THC content above 0.2%, they can be fined up to €2,500. Multiple checks on such a person can also ultimately result in imprisonment for up to three years or an order to perform community service for the same amount of time.

Medical cannabis and CBD in Ireland - summary

In Ireland, the legalisation of cannabis for medical purposes took place back in 2014. Since then, individuals who obtain the appropriate prescription will be able to benefit from medical cannabis, which can have positive effects on the human body, such as reducing pain or feelings of fatigue, or even alleviating symptoms of depression. Currently, medical cannabis is mainly used for oncological treatment, as it can alleviate a number of ailments associated with human cancers.

When it comes to CBD in Ireland, it is important to remember that it is a 100% legal substance that does not cause negative reactions and is also safe to use in combination with other pharmacological medicines.


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