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Hemp market in Romania

Hemp market in Romania

In Romania, cannabis is currently prohibited unless it is used for research or training purposes. According to the law, the possession, cultivation or sale of cannabis can be punishable by a fine or imprisonment. However, there are some laws that allow the cultivation of cannabis for fibre and seed production. It is fair to say that cannabis in Romania is illegal in most situations, and its possession or cultivation comes with many unpleasant consequences.

CBD in Romania - is it legal?

When it comes to CBD oils in Romania and other products that have a THC content of less than 0.2%, they are fully legal. However, farmers choosing to cultivate hemp in Romania must obtain the appropriate licence, and only use hemp varieties that are legally authorised for legal cultivation.

As far as the CBD law in Romania is concerned, it is available, although only on the condition that it contains no more THC than 0.2%. It is safe to say that the market for CBD products in Romania is not thoroughly regulated. CBD as a substance from hemp has not been heavily restricted, although not every product with this substance can be had legally in the country. Currently, the products that are allowed to be sold in Romania are:

  • CBD oils,
  • capsules,
  • drinks,
  • soaps,
  • creams.

However, it is important that the products are authorised for sale under Romanian law and contain zero or negligible THC content below 0.2%. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a heavily controlled substance by the government in Romania, so any amount in products available for sale is completely prohibited.

Extracts that contain any amount of THC (but no more than 0.2%) are qualified as drugs and are available by prescription. Romanian law imposes complete restrictions on products with the so-called full spectrum, i.e. with THC imported from Poland or another country, which simply prohibits the importation of such products.

Medical cannabis in Romania

When it comes to cannabis in Romania, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to be treated with medical cannabis, as well as to benefit from the possible health-promoting effects of CBD-containing products. The country's law defines as medical cannabis those that contain the substance CBD, CBG and traces of THC. For comparison: in Poland, these types of products are freely available, while to get CBD oils in Romania, you have to go to a doctor, get a prescription and purchase such a product at a pharmacy.

At the moment, Romania is preparing a new draft law on medical cannabis, and this one implies the possibility to be treated with medicines that contain cannabis. However, cannabis in Romania for this purpose cannot contain a concentration of THC greater than 20%. As of March 2021, the draft has been under constant procedure in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, and for the time being no final decree has been issued on the issue.


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