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Hemp matcha what is it?

Hemp matcha what is it?

How do you juxtapose the ancient wisdom of the East with a modern understanding of health and well-being? The answer may lie in a cup of green drink that combines the power of two remarkable plants. Hemp matcha is a unique composition. It is not only a tasty alternative to traditional tea or coffee, but also a rich source of antioxidants, cannabinoids and other health-promoting compounds. We invite you on a journey to a world where tradition meets innovation. Together we will discover what hemp matcha is, what health benefits it can bring and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

What is hemp matcha? Two worlds, one cup

Traditional green tea and hemp. In two words it is impossible to characterize all the benefits of combining these two plants. However, we can go deep into this distinctive dried tea, which wins the hearts of the greatest lovers of natural infusions for good reason. When we talk about matcha, our thoughts run to traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. There, the fine "green powder" is transformed into an exceptionally healthy drink. And when we add hemp to it, we get not only a unique taste, but also a complex effect.

Energy, relaxation and what else? Hemp matcha and its properties

Hemp matcha is a unique combination of matcha green tea with the addition of powdered hemp leaves. This composition has the best properties of both plants in it. Especially worth noting:

  • Antioxidants from matcha: help protect the body from free radicals, supporting a healthy heart and good skin condition.
  • Cannabinoids from hemp: Hemp is a source of cannabinoids, which can support the nervous system. They improve mood and influence pleasant relaxation or better sleep.
  • Natural energy: Matcha is a natural source of caffeine, which stimulates and energizes. Unlike coffee, the caffeine effect from matcha is more balanced and lasts longer.

How to brew hemp matcha?

Brewing hemp matcha is similar to the traditional process of brewing standard matcha. We have important tips that will transport you to a world of pleasure with a cup of the energetic brew. You will need: a matcha bowl (chawan), a bamboo spoon (chashaku), a bamboo matcha broom (chasen) and warm, but not boiling water. If you don't have traditional matcha brewing tools, you can use a small metal whisk and an ordinary teaspoon. Step-by-step process for brewing hemp matcha:

Using a chashaku, scoop 1-2 teaspoons of powdered hemp matcha and pour it into a bowl.
Add a small amount of warm water (about 60-80 ml) to the bowl. The water should have a temperature of about 80°C. If it is too hot, the matcha may come out too bitter.

Using a chasen, whisk the matcha in a quick, "W" or "M" motion. This process should take about 15-30 seconds.
After whisking the hemp matcha, you can drink it right away. If you prefer, you can add more warm water or even warm milk (traditional or vegetable). In this way, you will adjust the taste and consistency of the drink to your taste preferences.
For additional flavor and health benefits, you can add honey, maple syrup, cinnamon or even CBD oil to your hemp matcha.
Valuable tips: Store powdered hemp matcha in a cool and dark place. This will preserve its freshness and spectrum of properties. - To get the best taste, always use fresh, clean water. Remember not to make it too hot!

Hemp matcha. Why you must try it.

Many people crave a moment with a cup of drink that not only tastes special. We are looking for an infusion that provides energy, helps focus and relaxes at the same time. Sound impossible? That is precisely the promise of hemp matcha. Its delicate, herbal flavor with a hint of green tea is perfect for starting the day, taking a break from work or relaxing in the evening. There's a reason so many people praise its effects. It is said that Matcha hemp is not just a drink. It is an experience and a combination of tradition and modernity.


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