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Hemp tea - properties and application

Hemp tea - properties and application

For many years now, hemp tea has been growing in popularity. This is a natural effect of the popularization of hemp, which is of exceptional interest worldwide. Moreover, particular attention is paid when talking about the health-promoting properties of hemp, and consequently, also the infusion made from it. There is no doubt that hemp tea has been used for thousands of years, and is made in combination with a variety of products, both herbs and fruits. Among them, hemp tea with lemon balm is often mentioned, whose positive calming effects are certainly worth noting.

Hemp Tea - Properties

Research conducted in this area particularly well shows what properties hemp tea has. Above all, it is an excellent remedy for relieving:

  • Loss of appetite,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • pains,
  • anxiety tension.

It works equally well in cancer therapy and during problems with falling asleep. When finding a way to fight depression, hemp tea is also used. The properties of this infusion allow you to calm down, soothe. Among other properties are:

  • cleansing the liver, kidneys, and stomach,
  • slowing digestion and regulating blood sugar,
  • increasing body performance,
  • soothing muscle spasms.

Hemp Tea - What to Use It For?

The positive effects of hemp tea make its use effective in dealing with a number of health problems. In the case of hemp tea - it can help with:

  • fighting symptoms of depression,
  • problems with falling asleep,
  • anxiety,
  • high stress,
  • strengthening immunity,
  • relieving pain,
  • improvement of the respiratory system,
  • hypertension, joint pains, and inflammations,

Contraindications for Hemp Tea

It is indicated that hemp tea is safe because its action is clearly effective, mild, and above all not associated with any psychoactive function. Although the safety of hemp tea is confirmed, contraindications concern other, constantly taken drugs. In such a situation, it is worth consulting a doctor who will confirm that combining with them the infusion is safe and you do not have to give it up.0

Can Hemp Tea Be Given to Children? 

Studies confirming the safety of people using hemp infusion also apply to children and pregnant women. So if you're wondering whether hemp tea for children is a safe solution, you can be sure it is. The only exception may be, as in the case of general contraindications, constant taking of drugs. In such a situation, you should first consult a doctor. Hemp tea does not show any psychoactive actions, so it is not dangerous for a child and is not addictive.

Dosage and Preparation of Hemp

Infusion It is recommended that daily, regular consumption of hemp tea be 200 ml of infusion. At the same time, increased sleepiness appearing after exceeding this dose is emphasized. At the same time, beneficial symptoms resulting from drinking the infusion appear already after a week of regular drinking. To prepare the infusion you need:

  • a little dry,
  • water (0.5 l)
  • butter (10 g) or milk (0.5 l),
  • optionally: honey. For one person, it is worth reducing the proportions so as to get up to 200 ml of infusion per day.

The tea should be brewed under cover for 5-6 minutes after pouring the dry water at a temperature of 85 degrees Celsius. It is worth remembering that the tea should be stored in a sealed container, in a dry place, where the sun's rays will not reach.

Hemp Tea - Opinions

It is natural that speaking of hemp tea, we automatically associate it with different, stereotypical perception. However, it is worth knowing what opinions hemp tea has. Thanks to this, we can successfully convince ourselves that people using this infusion are clearly satisfied, do not feel negative psychoactive effects, and instead can enjoy a pleasant taste and aroma. The infusion also allows for effective relaxation.



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