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How to read the concentrations of CBD oils?

How to read the concentrations of CBD oils?

Once we know the benefits of CBD supplementation, it is time to choose the right oil. What should you pay attention to and what concentration should you choose in order to achieve the best results and not be fooled by what the manufacturers write on the labels? Here are some tips on how to read CBD oil concentrations.

CBD - concentration

The concentration of a CBD oil can be judged at a glance by its colour. If the oil is thin, transparent, golden or olive-green in colour, then we are sure that the concentration of CBD in it is quite low. The darker the colour, the higher the potency. Those with a brown colour are the most concentrated. Keep in mind that higher concentration is not always better. CBD 99% isolates are less effective than extracts with the full spectrum of cannabinoids, as a higher amount of a particular cannabinoid, results in a lower concentration of the others.

CBD concentration - what is it?

The concentration of a CBD oil determines how many mg of CBD are contained in one millilitre of oil. There are oils on the market with different concentrations ranging from 2.5% up to 99%. The highest is for inhalation, while oils with concentrations up to about 30% can be delivered orally. When choosing the right CBD strength, it is worth looking at the total cannabinoid content and the number of milligrams of CBD per millilitre of oil.

What concentration of CBD to choose?

When looking for the perfect CBD oil, several different factors need to be taken into account, as it is impossible to determine unequivocally which oil will be best. Everyone has to choose the right concentration individually, taking into account weight, age, lifestyle and metabolism. Furthermore, it is very difficult to predict the effects of cannabis, as everyone has a different endocannabinoid system. It is advisable to start supplementation with a small concentration such as 5%. If there are no noticeable effects, you can always increase the dose. This will protect against overdosing and side effects such as a drop in blood pressure, fluctuations in appetite or diarrhoea.

CBD oil concentrations - what do they mean?

The concentration of an oil is in other words its degree of concentration in the extract. Precisely, it should be specified in mg/ml. There are four basic ranges:

  • low - up to 8.33 mg/ml
  • medium - from 8.33 to 20 mg/ml
  • high - 20 to 33.3 mg/ml
  • very high - from 33.3mg/ml upwards The low concentration is for people who have never handled CBD. It will work very well for daily supplementation and when stress disorders, muscle aches or strains are not so persistent. A low concentration will also be good, for people with low weight.

A medium concentration will be suitable for those who have had previous exposure to CBD and know their optimal dose. It is advisable to choose a medium concentration oil for daily stress, light post-workout injuries and low intensity inflammation.

A CBD oil with a high concentration will be suitable for someone struggling with severe dysfunctions of the endocannabinoid system. It will also work well for sleep problems, recurrent anxiety, weakened immunity or seasonal allergies. Very high concentrations are used for autoimmune disorders, chronic pain and fatigue, severe migraines or diseases of the nervous system. It is rather not recommended to use such an oil in daily supplementation. The exception to this is for people with heavy body weights doing heavy physical work.

CBD concentration - summary

To begin with, we choose the smallest or medium concentration, so we can check which dose has the best effects. The next step is to calculate how many ml of oil you need to use to get to the right dose. We convert everything into the number of drops (1 ml=20 drops). Based on this, we assess how long the oil is sufficient for and whether the amount taken is too strenuous to use. If CBD is consumed quickly and the doses are large, we should increase the concentration.


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