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Is marijuana legal in Thailand?

Is marijuana legal in Thailand?

At the beginning of 2022, the Thai Ministry of Health decided that marijuana would no longer be treated as a drug. In other words, it will be possible to use it recreationally and trade products containing it. Permission has also been granted to produce food products with marijuana. Supporters of the drug saw this as a perfect opportunity to celebrate, which took place on the same day the government issued its statement. Many people smoked hemp in the center of Bangkok to show their support.

Marijuana grown in Thailand is now legal! What does this mean?

Mainly, the legalization will be associated with buying products that contain the drug. For example, they may be cosmetics or food products. In a restaurant, we will be able to order dishes that include Indian hemp, which everyone can use without fear. It will also be legally possible to grow this plant at home, as long as we use it ourselves. However, this will be covered by a special law, and violating it will result in a fine. To grow hemp in Thailand, we must obtain special permission, and it will not be possible if our crop is not reported. There will also be restrictions on how much marijuana we can keep at home. Therefore, one household will be able to have no more than six plants at a time.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Thailand for several years.

Not everyone knows that medical marijuana has been allowed for legal use for about four years. It could be used only in medical cases if the patient's health indicated that the hemp plant would be able to help them. However, you had to have a prescription that allowed you to buy the antidote at the pharmacy. The regulation, however, only applied to residents of the country. The changing law related to marijuana occurred at the beginning of this year, which is a great opportunity to improve the budget of the country and improve access to the hemp plant for those who have reached adulthood and reside in Thailand. That means not only for sick people with a prescription from a specialist.

What about CBD oil?

In this case, too, it may not surprise anyone that CBD has been legalized for a long time. The same applies to the hemp plant. However, this was related only to seeds and CBD oil. When it comes to THC, it was not legal to use or trade products containing it because it resulted in a high penalty. In Thailand, using CBD was completely safe, so it was found in many different articles, and the same applies to hemp seeds. Now, when the regulations related to law and decriminalization have changed, it will now be possible to use all parts of the plant, even those that contain THC.


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