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Liquid CBD - what is it?

Liquid CBD - what is it?

The growing popularity of CBD products has led to an increased interest in various forms of consuming these types of products. While CBD oil is undoubtedly the most popular, followed by various ointments and creams, it's worth looking at how CBD e-liquid works. Liquids usually used for electronic cigarettes in this case mean using cannabidiols, not tobacco. This substance can be used for both smoking and vaporizing, with a particular focus on the latter.

What is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e-liquids are a liquid that resembles an electronic cigarette. The liquid form of the substance facilitates the inhalation of steam resulting from combustion or the use of dry material in a special CBD vaporizer. In such a case, the risk of ingesting harmful substances, which always occur during combustion, is significantly reduced. In the case of vaporization, hot air releases healthy substances present in CBD, devoid of tar substances. What distinguishes CBD e-liquids is the absence of combustion and carbonization processes. This means that the chemical compounds that benefit our health are not destroyed, and the use of e-liquid is incredibly effective. This promotes both faster achievement of the desired effect and improved taste.

How does e-liquid work?

The action of CBD e-liquids is distinguished by the fact that although they come from hemp, they do not have a psychoactive effect. Instead, this product has all the antipsychotic properties characteristic of CBD. This makes it possible to reduce anxiety states and also experience pleasant aromatic sensations, which are conditioned by hemp terpenes. Moreover, CBD e-liquid enters the lungs in the evaporation process. In this way, it goes directly into the bloodstream and does not have to penetrate the blood through the intestines and liver first, as when orally taking the substance. Why is this important? As a rule, thanks to this, even a smaller dose of e-liquid will guarantee the same effect as a larger dose in the case of CBD oil. At the same time, the effects are felt in a shorter time. So when it comes to delivering CBD to the body, e-liquids have greater speed and efficiency. What's more, this is a completely safe process, as no tar substances that normally occur during traditional combustion get into the lungs.

CBD E-Liquids for e-cigarettes - dosage

So what does the dosing of CBD e-liquid used, for example, with an e-cigarette look like? As a rule, as noted earlier, this is a more efficient product than, for example, CBD oil or ointment. Therefore, available concentrations are lower than in the case of oils, but you can still find products with a very high concentration. Usually, we can come across CBD e-liquids from 4% up to even 30%. It is worth remembering that everyone should individually adjust the dosage to how the body reacts. The basic rule is to start with lower concentrations and move on to higher ones only when we notice that the action is too weak. It is worth paying attention to any side effects. As a rule, they should not occur, however, the product itself is not sufficiently researched. Among other things, this is why CBD e-liquids, although they have health-promoting properties, absolutely cannot be considered medicines.

What are the advantages of vaporizing e-liquids?

At this point, it is worth mentioning the most important advantages of vaporizing CBD e-liquids. Among them are: Pleasant taste and small health risk, as harmful toxins are not produced during combustion; It helps to quit smoking cigarettes as a healthier alternative; The effects are much faster, and the efficiency of the product is also greater. Effectiveness is guaranteed, among other things, by the fact that active compounds are not destroyed during heating; The purity of the product makes the dirt formed during vaporization easy to remove, and the aroma itself is pleasant and evaporates faster; The use of e-liquids is extremely discreet; CBD e-liquids are fully legal - however, it is worth using checked stores and sources.


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