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Marijuana legalization in Malta

Marijuana legalization in Malta

The Maltese government has become the first in the EU to legalize marijuana. According to the regulation, every Maltese citizen who has reached the age of majority can possess up to seven grams of cannabis and even grow it at home. However, smoking weed in public places and around minors is still prohibited. The regulation, which was voted for by the majority of lawmakers, was approved on December 18, 2021.

Here's what you need to know about marijuana legalization in Malta:

The regulations regarding the plant allow for recreational use. Every adult resident can now possess up to seven grams and grow no more than four plants. Smoking cannabis in public places is still not allowed. If caught with more than seven grams but less than 28, a fine of 100 euros will be imposed. Breaking the rules regarding smoking weed in inappropriate places can result in a fine of 235 euros.

If we smoke in the company of people under 18, we can be fined 500 euros. Minors caught possessing marijuana will be included in a care or treatment plan. The process of legalizing marijuana in Malta has initiated a series of changes that could lead to other European countries following suit. It was only for private use. Other countries, such as Luxembourg and Germany, are also considering this option. The decision to change the laws is an initiative of the government organization, which clearly states that hemp can be removed from the list of medicines.

This mainly concerns those that are considered addictive and unsafe and have no therapeutic uses. Many countries are discussing the legalization of marijuana. Many experts believe that such a directive could be a huge benefit to the state budget and would also limit the functioning of the black market. However, the reality is different in the Netherlands, which is often regarded as a country with a relaxed approach to marijuana use. Growing, owning, and distributing cannabis is still illegal there.

Legal Cannabis Venues:

Under the new regulations in Malta, it is possible to run non-profit-making clubs that provide cannabis for recreational purposes to their members. The largest number of members in a club is 500. Each person can own up to seven grams of weed for private use, and everyone can receive up to 20 seeds per month for growing up to four cannabis plants. Clubs that don't make a profit from selling weed must be located at least 250 meters away from places like schools.


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