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Natural cannabidiol in the treatment of chronic pain

Natural cannabidiol in the treatment of chronic pain

More and more people are struggling with various types of pain. Sedentary work and daily stress are our everyday life. Often, painkillers are no longer sufficient, as their frequent use causes the body to become immune, so we have to increase the dose to feel relief from pain. Additionally, any pharmacological agents used in large quantities can adversely affect our digestive system and overload the liver. In such cases, CBD oils may prove to be an effective solution to alleviate side effects resulting from chronic pain, for example, poor well-being.

CBD in neuropathy

Neuropathy is inflammation of the peripheral nerves, causing numbness, tingling, and pain. Most often, people who work for a long time in the same position experience it. In the case of severe cases of neuropathy, they occur as a result of accidents, unsuccessful surgical procedures, or rheumatoid arthritis. Neuropathy also accompanies lupus. There are various methods of therapy such as pharmacotherapy, massages, or physiotherapy. However, this is not always effective and sometimes these methods only work temporarily. CBD cannot be used as a substitute for other drugs and with chronic pain, it can only support the body.

CBD oils for chronic pain?

Chronic pain is usually one that lasts more than three months. It affects every aspect of life, making normal functioning impossible and leading to mental, social, and physiological disorders. Prescription drugs are often used in the treatment of this type of pain. However, in the case of strong substances, their impact can also be negative, especially when it comes to the digestive system. CBD oils and pastes are an ideal alternative for people struggling with the side effects of chronic pain, such as insomnia and poor well-being.

CBD oil and back pain?

A lot of people struggle with back and neck pain due to a sedentary lifestyle. They spend at least eight hours a day in one position. The worst thing for our spine is one and the same position maintained for a long time. When it works out of balance, various degenerations can occur, and as a result, even disc herniation. In the case of neck pain, hemp ointments are also used, which improve well-being and relax, and can be used topically. The biggest plus of this solution is the very good tolerance of hemp preparations, which are not addictive, and at the same time naturally improve our well-being and comfort of life.

Best dosing methods

Undoubtedly, CBD capsules and oils are the most popular. This is due to the fact that we can easily assess a specific dose, which we can adjust individually to our needs. The dosage should be adjusted individually depending on the problems we are struggling with. Therefore, you should start with the lowest concentrations to adjust the appropriate amount of substance that will meet our needs. Factors to consider in finding the ideal CBD dose:

  • Body weight,
  • Product type,
  • Concentration,
  • Metabolism.


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