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Private cannabis cultivation - legal requirements

Private cannabis cultivation - legal requirements

In Poland, growing hemp is illegal, unless you want to take up a plant such as fibre hemp. These can be grown privately, subject to obtaining the appropriate permit and the registration of the crop in the register of fibre hemp cultivators. You can deal with the formalities for growing hemp conveniently online, by letter or by visiting the office in person.

In Poland, fibre hemp can be used for the production of fibres, biofuels, cosmetics, dietary supplements and other products related to the medical industry. It is therefore worth finding out how a private fibre hemp farm should operate, as well as what formalities need to be completed before starting.

Growing hemp in Poland and the formalities to be dealt with - find out more!

Growing, or more precisely private hemp farming in Poland is fully legal, provided the farmer meets certain requirements. Here are some of the important conditions for 100% legal cultivation of fibre hemp. It can only be cultivated for:

  • textile, chemical, pulp and paper, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and energy,
  • seed and scientific research,
  • the production of composite materials, building materials and plant protection products,
  • breeding of new varieties of fibre hemp,
  • food, veterinary and animal feed.

It is safe to say that private hemp farming is a great business, especially if you know how the harvested crop can be used. Interestingly, subsistence hemp cultivation must not exceed an agricultural area of 1 hectare per year. Growing hemp for purposes other than the above is fully illegal in Poland.

Who can grow fibre hemp in Poland? We suggest!

In Poland, fibre hemp can be grown by practically any individual or entrepreneur who is listed in the register of fibre hemp. This register is maintained by the director of the field branch of the National Agricultural Support Centre. It is also worth noting that the cultivation of hemp, even for own consumption, cannot be carried out by persons who:

  • carried out illegal cultivation of poppy, hemp or coca bushes,
  • harvested the crop in order to misappropriate narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Furthermore, those intending to cultivate fibre hemp must sign a relevant contract for the supply of hemp with an operator of such plants. An application for the legal commencement of private hemp cultivation must be submitted before the planned date of commencement of the cultivation activity.

Is fibre hemp dangerous for humans? What is their composition?

No, fibre hemp is not considered dangerous to human health in normal amounts of use. They consist mainly of protein, fibre and essential fatty acids. They do not contain THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects found in other varieties of cannabis. This means that their cultivation will be fully legal in Poland after obtaining the appropriate permit. The same is true for hemp oil.

How to apply for a hemp cultivation permit? Step by step

Applying for a permit for the private cultivation of fibre hemp is really simple. All you need to do is go to a field branch of the NEB or send an application electronically. The document should contain information such as:

  • name of the applicant,
  • place of residence,
  • NIP, REGON or PESEL numbers in the case of natural persons,
  • information about the purposes of the cultivation of fibre hemp,
  • a declaration by the applicant about the size of the area under cultivation,
  • a clean criminal record,
  • precise information about the variety of fibre hemp grown and the planned crops in the future.

It is also worth remembering to indicate the purposes and needs of the fibre hemp cultivation, as well as stating whether this will be carried out solely for own consumption or for further processing and resale,


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