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Seed to sale - software for the hemp market

Seed to sale - software for the hemp market

The software was created for the needs of the hemp market with the aim of minimizing the risks associated with the production and trade of controlled substances. Seed to sale is a solution proposed by the IT industry for the pharmaceutical market. It facilitates reporting, tracking, internal process control, and external audits, which is crucial for ensuring the quality of products sold. This means that when we buy hemp products from a trusted seller, we can be sure that they are safe.

What is seed to sale?

The modern seed to sale technology has revolutionized the hemp industry, bringing many benefits. What are the socio-political advantages of the "from seed to sale" software?

  • It allows for the elimination of non-compliant and dangerous substances.
  • Unsafe and counterfeit substances are removed. It hinders the activity of entities selling illegal products in the market.
  • It makes it difficult for certified substances to reach the black market.
  • It enables easy tracking of hemp plants and products from cultivation to sale, making it easier to prevent hemp products from reaching minors.

How does seed to sale work? Seed to sale is a solution that facilitates the control of the hemp market. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to track a product from harvesting to the introduction of the proper substance into the market.

What processes and stages does seed to sale cover?

  1. Hemp cultivation - Each planted plant receives a unique identification number, which is later used, among other things, to monitor the growth of the plant and record each human interaction with the plant.
  2. Hemp collection - The harvested material is processed into two categories: flowers and other materials for production. Both categories receive new batch identification numbers.
  3. Processing - Flowers that are ready for further processing (e.g., extraction) are used. After processing, the next production batches undergo quality control.
  4. Quality control - The finished, categorized, and labeled hemp product batches are sent for laboratory quality testing in the form of samples. Those that do not pass the quality check are disposed of, while products that meet quality requirements are introduced into the market. 
  5. Transportation - It requires control and supervision. The seed to sale software allows for the preparation of detailed documentation for the transport of the product, including information about the place of origin, the amount transported, the destination, and driver data.
  6. Real-time tracking of hemp products - The path of the products is available to state control authorities such as inspectorates, services, and the police.

What are the benefits of seed to sale?

The software is designed to improve the functioning of the cannabis market. It is mainly aimed at limiting the risk for consumers and guaranteeing a good quality product from a legal source. So what are the advantages of seed to sale software?

  • It streamlines deliveries and lowers the operating costs of companies
  • It helps to optimize the management of hemp resources
  • It increases high-quality production and the amount of certified and legal products
  • Risk reduction in the area of cultivation, transport, processing, waste management, laboratory research and cannabis trade
  • It guarantees compliance of companies' internal processes with applicable legal regulations
  • Facilitates inspections carried out by public administration
  • It allows you to monitor the route of hemp products by the services and the police
  • It facilitates the elimination of illegal entities from the market


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