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THC - what is it and why does it stay in the body for so long?

THC - what is it and why does it stay in the body for so long?

Using various substances requires caution from us, mainly because not every substance of this type is legal. This is the case with THC. What is it? It is a substance found in cannabis, or marijuana. However, it is primarily intoxicating and has psychoactive effects, which means that its use is prohibited in many countries around the world, and the presence of the substance can be detected through appropriate drug tests. What exactly should we know about this and what has similar effects to THC in terms of health, but is legal at the same time?

What is THC?

Another term for THC is tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical name for this substance. Above all, it is THC that is responsible for all kinds of intoxicating and psychoactive action, which we generally associate with cannabis. It is precisely the recognition of marijuana as a drug that makes the use of THC forbidden in many countries around the world. It is legal in some countries or states (in the case of the USA), but in Poland, it is a banned substance. Possession of it, let alone selling or giving it to others, is strictly prohibited and punishable by imprisonment. However, it is necessary to know how this substance works on our bodies even when we do not consciously plan to take it.

THC - action

Many people reach for such substances because they are curious about how THC affects the body. The first symptoms appear after about 15 minutes if it was ignited by us or put on vaporization. In the case of oral intake, the properties of hemp activate up to 2 hours. Short-term effects usually subside within one or two quarters, although in some people they may last up to 2 hours. And what effects does THC cause?

How long does THC stay in the body?

As noted, the presence of THC can be demonstrated using appropriate drug tests. Although the highest concentration and impact after application is quite short-lived, the use of THC can be shown in urine and saliva even up to 30 days after ingestion. In particular, however, hair is the part of our body from which marijuana use can be demonstrated the longest. Here, the cannabinoid remains even up to 90 days from the moment of marijuana consumption.

Effects of using THC

Among the unfavorable effects of the substance derived from cannabis, it is indicated:Dry mouth,Nausea,Accelerated heart rate,Disorientation,Feeling of anxiety,Reddening of the eyes.However, there are also positive properties, which make many people talk about the medical use of THC. But there are ways to fully legally benefit from these properties. How exactly?

Medical use of marijuana - what instead of THC?

In hemp, especially seeds, there are many substances affecting the human body. One of them is THC, and CBD is another, which is the focus of research from around the world. Above all, it is a substance that does not affect our consciousness, does not have psychoactive effects, and therefore is not also forbidden. It also does not become addictive, which makes it increasingly used as support in the process of coping with the negative effects of many ailments and diseases. Although CBD itself still requires detailed research, and therefore is not a medicine, scientists around the world are positive and believe that with further research it will be possible to classify the substance as a medicinal substance.

Properties of THC and CBD - why do you reach for it?

Among the most important interactions, it is primarily indicated that both these cannabinoids show:Improvement of well-being,Relaxation,Improved sleep,Reducing pain complaints,Reduction of nausea and vomiting,Reducing inflammation,Regulating the digestive tract,Relaxation of muscles,Alleviating both anxiety and depressive symptoms.At the same time, THC in large doses causes hallucination, delusions, fears, anxiety, and sometimes psychosis. Therefore, instead of this substance, it is recommended to use a fully legal and safe alternative in the form of CBD.


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