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Types of lighters - what is worth knowing?

Types of lighters - what is worth knowing?

A lighter is a very useful device - essential in many situations as a source of fire. It is not only useful for smokers and can definitely be used in everyday life. The inventor of the lighter is Johann Wolfgang, who created the first model in 1823, which he named the Dobereiner Lamp. Such a lighter used the phenomenon of spontaneous ignition of hydrogen in the form of spongy platinum as a source of fire.

Types of lighters and how to choose one?

We distinguish several types depending on the fuel used and the ignition mechanism. Regardless of whether you use it every day or occasionally, you need to have a good lighter. The types are different, and everyone will find something for themselves. To make the best choice, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the available options on the market.

Gas lighters

Gas lighters have a tank that contains liquefied gas - propane, butane, or a combination of these compounds. They are similar to petrol lighters, but differ in the type of fuel used. Petrol lighters have a wick covered in fuel, whereas gas lighters have a valve that must be opened to release gas where the spark is to appear.

Chemical lighters

They are already more historical because they are not used too often. New models have better technology and greater ease of generating flames. Chemical lighters were used as:

  • Acid lighters - utilizing the reaction of sulfuric acid, zinc, and platinum particles;
  • Platinum wire lighters - platinum produced fire upon contact with alcohol.

Glow lighters

Glow lighters have a special nozzle where gas mixes with air, making it ejected with greater force than in popular gas lighters. Moreover, the fire in glow lighters is much more lasting. Such lighters are among the more elegant and interesting specimens. The fire is often very spectacular and can have different colors such as red, orange, green, or blue. It is not only a practical device but also a great idea for a gift for collectors. Design and colors give a wide field of action. It is, therefore, an elegant and unique gadget.

Petrol lighters

This is one of the most popular types of lighters. Petrol lighters have flint, a petrol tank, and a wick soaked in the tank leading to the spark.

Petrol lighters are small, cubic, and have a simple cover. Due to the type of mechanism, we distinguish the following types of petrol lighters: with flint ignition and piezoelectric ignition.

How to fill a petrol lighter:

  • You need to buy the appropriate petrol;
  • The room in which you will fill the lighter must be ventilated beforehand so that it is not too hot inside;
  • Remove all flammable objects;
  • Check if all the fuel in the lighter has been used;
  • Then carefully fill the fuel so that the petrol does not spill;
  • If the fuel spills outside the lighter, wipe it with a damp cloth afterwards;
  • Check the seal of the lighter before use.


Until recently, they were often used to ignite a gas stove requiring a source of fire. Nowadays, they are not so popular because most of us opt for electric or induction hobs. Lighters are usually elongated and modified gas lighters. Mechanical lighters use a stone or steel flint as a source of spark generation. Sparks are generated by rubbing the flint against the stone, which causes the wick or gas stream to ignite. Mechanical lighters are often reliable and will work in various conditions. Electronic lighters use electrical sparks from electrical discharges as a source to ignite fuel (petrol or gas). They are very convenient lighters and will be very useful at home if we don't happen to have matches.



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