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Use of CBD oils during pregnancy

Use of CBD oils during pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of those periods in which special attention is paid to virtually every aspect of a woman's functioning. What she eats and when is closely monitored. Equally important is how she takes care of herself. Not every cosmetic is suitable for a pregnant woman. What about cannabis during pregnancy? In which situations can it be used and when should we refrain from using it?

What is CBD oil?

To begin with, let's start with what CBD oil is. It is a raw material that is created by extracting CBD substances from specific hemp plants and then being diluted with oil. The resulting compound is characterised by a multitude of health-promoting therapeutic properties, which is even perfectly different from the narcotic THC. There are many ways to take this oil, not the least of which is vaporisation. CBD in pregnancy, however, has its more indicated forms.

The substance is also noted to have a positive effect on many symptoms that occur during pregnancy. Is it safe to use CBD oil during pregnancy? The internet forums are teeming with various opinions and comments. But what is the reality?

Is CBD safe during pregnancy?

When considering whether it is safe to smoke CBD during pregnancy, it is first and foremost important to be aware that studies rarely specifically address pregnant women. While the general recommendations are that it is better to avoid all medical marijuana derivatives, these indications are especially based on conjecture and guesswork. Realistic studies on adverse effects concern THC, the narcotic substance present in cannabis. In the case of CBD extracted from cannabis seeds, we can speak of the absence of such a narcotic compound. As a general rule, it is advisable to check with your doctor before using CBD products. This will help us find out which oil we can use during pregnancy.

Is it possible to smoke CBD during pregnancy?

While pregnancy is not a well-researched period in terms of CBD use, general studies clearly show that there can be no negative effects of CBD, not only compared to narcotic substances, but in general. Vaporising CBD during pregnancy regardless of the situation should be consulted with a doctor, although it is worth noting at the same time that smoking the oil is one of the worse options we can bet on. What can be used instead?

How does CBD oil help during pregnancy?

The online forum is the place to find a lot of information about how CBD oil helps during pregnancy. Among the range of positive effects are:

  • Reducing morning nausea and vomiting by reducing the frequency of vomiting reflexes in pregnant women.
  • Relaxing smooth muscles,
  • Reducing contraction pain during labour,
  • Support for postpartum depression - CBD oil activates the chemicals responsible for well-being.

In which form should CBD oil be taken?

It is accepted that all-natural CBD extracts are the safest to take. To this end, one relies on:

  • Oils,
  • Capsules,
  • Lotions and ointments.

The hemp oil present in cosmetics during pregnancy is considered one of the more affordable forms of using this substance. Above all, it is less harmful. Hemp ointment in pregnancy is one of the solutions worth betting on. Whichever formulation you decide on, it is worth remembering to:

  • Avoid smoking hemp, as burning produces chemicals that have a negative effect on the baby,
  • Check the composition carefully and only buy products from proven manufacturers - this way you can avoid the presence of THC in the formulation,
  • Reach for 100 per cent cannabis extracts,
  • Don't forget that taking CBD oil should be consulted with your pregnancy doctor.


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