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What concentration of CBD oil to choose?

What concentration of CBD oil to choose?

The growing popularity of CBD oils means that more and more people are choosing to use these products. However, we can find different types of this product on the market and, more specifically, different concentrations of CBD in a given oil. So what should you know about which concentration of CBD to choose?

Different concentrations of CBD in oils

Many websites decry the beneficial effects of CBD oils. There is even information that none of the available doses are harmful to our bodies due to the endocannabinoid system and its interaction with the cannabidiol present in the oils, and this is partly true. However, if we are starting our supplementation, the question often arises as to what percentage of CBD oil will be best for us at the very beginning. What concentration of CBD to choose is also important in terms of what kind of efficacy it will have in a particular case. It is therefore important to pay attention to what the total CBD content is and the number of milligrams per millilitre of oil (mg CBD/ml). This information will help us estimate what dose we need to achieve the desired effect. Other sources of cannabidiol are pastes, dried, crystals or capsules. However, CBD oil has the advantage - whatever concentration we are interested in, that is what we can choose, so we decide for ourselves what dose to take. It turns out that in the case of CBD oils, we can determine the concentration by its appearance. Thus, oils with a low concentration tend to be thinner and more transparent - their colour is olive or golden. As the concentration increases, the consistency is thicker and the colour becomes more intense and darker, even reaching a brown colour. However, regardless of the concentration of CBD chosen, the effect of the oil will be relaxing, calming and positive for our health without having a psychoactive effect. When looking for the right dosage, it is therefore important to observe your body and this will help us to judge which choice to make.


Which concentration of CBD oil to choose?

Concentration indicates the degree of concentration of the active substance in the hemp seed extract. To support the treatment of many conditions, patients opt for CBD oil (which concentration is right for us is an individual matter). It is important to consult a doctor about the possible use of CBD, especially if the disease is serious and it needs to be decided whether cannabidiol therapy will affect other medicines. This is particularly relevant in the case of cancer. What concentration of CBD for cancer works well for one patient may be completely ineffective for another person. This depends largely on the intensity of symptoms or other coexisting conditions. Therefore, any supportive use of CBD oil should be preceded by a consultation with a doctor, as CBD is not a treatment. We can distinguish between the following concentrations of CBD oil:

up to 8.33 mg/mL (low),
8.33-20 mg/mL (medium),
20 mg-33.3 mg/mL (high),
from 33.3 mg/mL and above.

High concentrations of CBD

Oils with higher concentrations are even cbd oils of 20 per cent (2,000mg of active ingredient) will certainly be suitable for people who have been using cannabis in supplementation for a long time and want more support for their health and well-being, and have not noticed any side effects. High concentrations of CBD oils for whom?

  • One group who should opt for a higher CBD concentration are stressed people who live under constant stress due to work or life situations.
  • Higher concentrations will also prove effective in athletes. People who train professionally, but also amateurs who hope to perform better. A high concentration of CBD in the oil protects against injury, inflammation or has a calming and relaxing effect.
  • Skin problems - the high concentration will work well for those struggling with acne, with oily skin but also overly dry skin. Also ideal for sensitive skin prone to irritation. Treatments for skin with this type of problem are, as it turns out, more effective with high concentrations of the active substance in the oil.
  • It is a good alternative to anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents. Often, pharmacological solutions prove to be either ineffective or have a negative effect on our body. This is often the case with strong painkillers, which are, among other things, a heavy burden on our stomach. Thus, if we are struggling with severe rheumatic or menstrual pain, migraine and allergies, CBD oils can be a much better solution, as they do not put any additional strain on our body.


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