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What is CBD Hash?

What is CBD Hash?

It is obtained by compressing the resin of hemp plants. Hemp crops are eco-friendly, so they do not contain toxic chemicals or harmful heavy metals. Additionally, they are not exposed to the effects of fertilizers.

How does CBD hash work?

CBD hash has beneficial effects thanks to the presence of cannabidiol. However, its properties are not only due to the presence of cannabidiol but also to other ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and other compounds.

  • It reduces stress;
  • Improves mood;
  • Reduces anxiety;
  • Helps alleviate pain;
  • Regulates appetite;
  • Has a relaxing and calming effect Has a soothing effect.

Thanks to its properties, CBD hash is used as a supplementary therapy for the treatment of many diseases, as it alleviates a range of symptoms and side effects of pharmacological treatment. Moreover, it is also suitable for everyday use as a product that alleviates symptoms of excessive stress or tension. For example, it can be used to help with sleep problems and lack of concentration.

Is the use of CBD hash legal?

Although hemp is associated with illegal substances, hemp hash is completely legal in Poland. It is made from industrial hemp, not like illegal substances made from Indian hemp. Therefore, the purchase and possession of CBD hemp flower does not have any legal consequences. This is because hemp hash obtained from industrial hemp does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is an illegal active ingredient with psychogenic properties. According to Polish law, for a product to be legal, the THC content must not exceed 0.2%, and since March 2022, the permissible amount has been increased to 0.3%. If the product is of high quality, it will mainly contain cannabidiol, or CBD. Hash from a trusted source will contain only trace amounts of THC, so it will be completely legal in Poland. It is important to note that cannabidiol does not have psychoactive properties, unlike THC. Therefore, it does not cause symptoms of intoxication or perception distortion. Its use does not carry the risk of addiction or confusion. CBD, on the other hand, has a significant positive impact on our body.

How to use hemp hash?

When deciding to use CBD hash as an additional supplement, we consider in what form to use it. This is a more difficult task than in the case of CBD oils, which usually have different concentrations and a dropper for easy dosing. In the case of flowers or hash, it is worth preparing an infusion. This is a method of using various herbs like lemon balm, linden or nettle. The way in which we will take a given product must be appropriate to increase its effectiveness. An alternative to infusions may also be vaporization. It involves heating the herb to a specific temperature, resulting in its evaporation, releasing beneficial ingredients that, when inhaled with steam, enter the body. This is one of the more enjoyable methods of using cannabidiol preparations. Vaporization is a completely safe process because there is no combustion of herbs during it. Therefore, it is not surprising that this method is becoming increasingly popular.

CBD hash or flower - which one to choose?

The availability of CBD products is enormous. Due to the growing popularity of oils or flowers, we can encounter a multitude of proposals. However, great caution should be exercised in this matter. It is always necessary to choose products from a reputable manufacturer with all necessary permits and certificates. Therefore, CBD hash should be purchased at a professional store to ensure that it is completely safe for our body. Often, before choosing a cannabidiol product, we wonder what will be best for starters. It's worth starting your adventure with CBD flowers because they are milder than highly concentrated CBD hash. In flowers, the content of cannabidiol is slightly lower, so it is a good solution for people who are just starting their adventure with this product.

However, if we have been using CBD for a long time and are looking for a product with a larger and more concentrated dose, we should choose hash. It is definitely dedicated to more experienced users of CBD. However, it is worth remembering that before deciding on any form of cannabidiol products, it should be consulted with a doctor.


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