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What is CBG and what does it help with?

What is CBG and what does it help with?

For years, research has been conducted on various varieties of cannabis and the substances they contain. Generally, most people recognize primarily CBD and THC. The latter is mostly associated with its psychoactive effects on the human body, i.e., marijuana. On the other hand, CBD, typically found in stores, is a healthy, safe, and non-addictive component of hemp. However, researchers have discovered many more cannabinoids present in cannabis. Among them, CBG or cannabigerol, the third most common cannabinoid in cannabis, is noteworthy.

CBG - what is it?

First, we should explain what CBG is. It is known as cannabigerol, and its concentration in cannabis usually does not exceed 1%. However, it is a substance gaining increasing popularity in medicine and health care. Like CBD, this substance is not psychoactive and does not cause addiction. This distinguishes it from harmful and illegal THC. CBG is considered a cannabinoid that is one of the first to form in cannabis and is a kind of "stem cell" of cannabis. Its unique antidepressant, antipsychotic properties, and ability to stimulate bone growth make CBG widely applicable.

CBG - what does it help with?

In which situations should you opt for using CBG oils? Above all, this substance works excellently in combating inflammation of the intestines and bladder. How does CBG work? Primarily, it enables real, appropriate stimulation of appetite, and also has neuroprotective and antibacterial effects. CBG clearly helps when dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental problems. Moreover, CBG not only supports bone growth but also aids in falling asleep and slows down the spread of bacteria.

CBG vs. CBD - differences

It's worth looking at how CBG differs from CBD. In principle, the differences are more noticeable if we compare these components to THC. However, they also have some differences between themselves. Primarily, CBG and CBD have different chemical structures and concentrations. Moreover, CBG is much less researched because it is found in trace amounts in cannabis, and CBD is the dominant compound. Both substances, however, work excellently together, are legal, and increasingly recommended by specialists. However, both substances are not drugs, research is still ongoing, and this should be kept in mind. Therefore, they should be considered as agents supporting therapeutic treatment with conventional methods.

What forms can CBG be taken in?

There are many forms in which CBG can be taken. Dry herb is one of them and is used for vaporization or smoking. Apart from that, this substance is used similarly to CBD, i.e., in the form of oils and ointments. These are excellently absorbed by the body, making their effect particularly beneficial. Staying with the CBG and CBD connection, it's worth noting that these two substances are often combined in one product, e.g., in the form of oil. This is due to the fact that CBG works excellently with the more common CBD, enhancing its action, and thus supporting the therapeutic process resulting from the use of these substances.

How to use CBG?

It is emphasized that CBG, without combining it with CBD, has much less impact than when we combine these two substances. Therefore, it is best to use CBG in combination with CBD oils. At the same time, it is worth focusing not only on oral administration but also on topical application. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, CBG can excellently alleviate not only these conditions but also pains. For this reason, it is worth opting for ointments containing CBG, which will then be absorbed through the skin. It's important to focus on choosing tested, high-quality preparations. Although they will usually be slightly more expensive, they will really work as expected.


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