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Which CBD oil to choose?

Which CBD oil to choose?

Made from hemp seed, CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular. This one is growing with an increasing cross-section of studies confirming the health-promoting effects that CBD oils have. Expert opinion clearly indicates that its use clearly promotes the health of the person taking it. At the same time, years of research show which oils really are the best and which CBD oil to choose depending on the specific ailment that ails us. In this way, it is possible to correctly determine whether a particular preparation will work for our condition or whether it is better to reach for another. It is worth mentioning that we need to choose the right shop to purchase CBD oil. Where to buy is not as important a question as the question of what kind to buy.

CBD hemp oil - what are the characteristics of a good product?

Each preparation differs in its hemp oil content, which makes the CBD substance in different concentrations. This in turn means that, depending on the concentration of CBD, the oil will be dosed at different levels. The type of condition will determine how it is administered, and it will also be important to determine whether the price is commensurate with the indicated concentration of the preparation. When analysing which CBD oil to buy, the concentration of CBD in the preparation is undoubtedly the most important factor. Only then should you look at the volume of the preparation, as even a small pack can be extremely effective if the concentration of the substance is very high. It is also worth paying attention to whether the packaging states how much CBD is contained in one drop or whether another measure is adopted to indicate this concentration. At the same time, each preparation may have a different recommended frequency of use. If this is the case, we should determine for ourselves whether we are more comfortable with reaching for smaller doses more often or whether we prefer to take larger doses of CBD oil less often. It is also a good idea to find out in what quantity CBD hemp oil will be best absorbed by the body.

What to look for when choosing CBD oil?


What exactly should the analysis of what CBD oil will work best for us look like? It is best to look carefully at each factor:

  • CBD oil concentration - as indicated, the information on this should be about the CBD content per drop. At the same time, we can successfully compare the different formulations. Having a CBD oil with a concentration of 12% and 3%, we are sure that the former is four times more potent and one drop of it corresponds to as much as 4 drops of a 3% oil. In each case, the daily dose will be similar, but a preparation with the same volume of oil will run out more quickly if it has a lower concentration of the substance.
  • Frequency of ingestion - although most patients choose oils that are clearly concentrated, wanting to take them as infrequently as possible, it is important not to actually forget to take another dose. The lower potency of the oil allows the product to be taken more frequently, allowing the CBD concentration to be maintained more precisely at a constant level.
  • Quality versus price - it is extremely important to pay attention to the certifications of the different formulations. Although the price may seem daunting, certified products have confirmation that they have not been contaminated with heavy metals or pesticides during production, for example.

If you are considering which CBD oil to choose, be sure to check whether there is testing, preferably by an external laboratory. Keep in mind, however, that a higher price by itself is not proof that the product is of the highest quality.

Which CBD oil for anxiety neurosis and other conditions?

If you are wondering which CBD oil for depression, it is best if you read the indications marked on the preparation. For this type of problem, it is advisable to choose a more potent formulation. The same is true if you are wondering what CBD oil for anxiety neurosis will be the best option. Only minor stress problems require a concentration of 20 MG CBD in 1 ML of preparation (i.e. 20 drops). For more serious problems, formulations containing 33.3 MG of CBD are indicated. And which CBD oil for sleep will allow us to effectively address insomnia? Again, stronger preparations are advisable, although for mild sleep problems we can resort to preparations containing lower concentrations of CBD.


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