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Will CBD oil disappear from the market? The impact of the European Union on the Future of Cannabidiol

Will CBD oil disappear from the market? The impact of the European Union on the Future of Cannabidiol

Concerns about the Withdrawal of CBD from the Market

These reports have raised many questions, especially in the context of a possible withdrawal of the popular CBD oil from the market. However, after a deeper analysis of the situation, it appears that there are currently no new regulations or guidelines regarding the withdrawal of CBD from the market. This means that CBD oil is still available on the market and people using this product should not fear its disappearance.

The issue of 'Novel Food' in the Context of CBD

However, there are a few issues worth considering in terms of the future of the CBD market. Firstly, there is the issue of so-called "novel food," which has caused some controversy in the past in the context of hemp products. However, it is worth noting that the jurisprudence of the administrative courts indicates that the novel food catalogue is not a source of law. This means that CBD producers can always raise this argument in inspection proceedings, citing WSA rulings.

Sale of Hemp Flowers and Therapeutic Properties

Another issue concerning the sale of cannabis flowers is the possible attribution of medicinal properties. Inspectorates often ask for an opinion from the registration office on this issue, but there is a cost involved in obtaining such an opinion. It is worthwhile in such a situation to request the cancellation of the order requiring the submission of the opinion.

CBD Oil and Psychoactive Substances

When it comes to CBD oils, the problems associated with psychoactive substances such as CBD or phyto-cannabinoids are avoided. Hemp oil with phytonutrients is currently not challenged, which means that it is still available on the market.

The issue of 'Not for Consumption' and Research Products

However, one should be vigilant in the context of non-consumable or dedicated research products that may be illegally promoted online. The GIS (General Sanitary Inspectorate) prosecutes such products that do not comply with the law. This is an important issue to monitor.


In conclusion, there is currently no basis for claiming that CBD oil will disappear from the market. There are some legal and regulatory issues to take into account, but understanding the current situation helps to avoid unnecessary concerns.

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