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CBD oils - Łódź - Wholesale

Do you care about obtaining the best CBD products? In that case, check out how the CBD wholesale works. Łódź is a city where many entrepreneurs try their luck in this industry, but not everyone knows how to create and sell high-performance products that guarantee results shortly after use. What should you know about CBD in Łódź? First of all, the products sold in the wholesale are 100% safe, non-allergenic, and do not cause hallucinations. Their purchase is entirely legal since they do not contain THC or only trace amounts below 0.2%. Before deciding to buy from a CBD wholesale, be sure to check the product specifications, prices, and the reputation of the brand.

Why is it worth using CBD products available in the Łódź wholesale?

CBD oil, which you can buy from the wholesale in Łódź (as well as CBD flowers), has a positive impact on the human body, both physically and mentally. What does it mean? The CBD and CBG components in hemp oils interact with the human body,

  • improving immunity,
  • reducing fatigue,
  • neutralizing insomnia,
  • limiting anxiety and symptoms of depression.

These are not the only aspects for which it is worth starting a therapy with CBD products. Łódź is a city where many young and older people are looking for convenient and effective solutions in the fight against mental illnesses, excessive fatigue, and constant tiredness. CBD oil can be a salvation. One package of the product available in the wholesale contains as many as 200 drops of pure CBD oil or CBD combined with CBG.

CBD flowers and oil – how does it work in practice?

You will notice the first effects of using the CBD oils and flowers therapy after a few days from the first dose. Just follow the manufacturer's recommendations and do not exceed the daily dosage. This way, you will reduce fatigue, get rid of insomnia, and increase your resistance to various diseases. Pay attention that alcohol extraction oils are more bioavailable and contain more medicinal compounds. This translates into their high level of effectiveness. Interestingly, using products from the CBD wholesale in Łódź also reduces the risk of painful migraines. For people with autism, CBD products also support treatment excellently. In some scientifically confirmed cases, CBD oils also enable an effective fight against addictions, e.g., drugs.

Why you should to work with us ?


All our products are certified. We are the only ones in Poland to offer certified organic CBD oils!


We use the alcohol extraction method, which is a modern and very gentle method for cannabis.

100% nature

Our products are free from pesticides and artificial fertilisers. They are also not artificially enriched. We are committed to nature!

Fast delivery

We know how important time is. We make sure that orders are processed quickly. This is our priority!


Get in touch with us!



How do I order CBD oil from a wholesaler in Lodz?

To order CBD oil or dried CBD from the online wholesaler, all you need to do is visit the website, add your chosen products to your basket, pay for your order and enter your delivery details.

How much does CBD oil cost versus dried?

The cost of buying a 10 ml bottle of CBD oil is between 100 and 300 PLN. As for the 1 g dry itself - this costs from around 15 PLN upwards, depending on the type.

What CBD content can be found in oils?

By standardising the composition of CBD oils, the popular products available on the website of the CBD wholesaler in Lodz contain CBD extracts of 5%, 10% and 20%.

How do I store CBD products bought from an online shop?

Store all products with any CBD content in a shaded, cool place and away from children.

Are CBD products safe?

As far as the safety of CBD use is concerned - when you recognise the doses recommended by experts, you need not fear anything. The use of dried and CBD oils does not cause any side effects.

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