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CBD pet oil

Recently, we have been encountering CBD oil more and more often as an ingredient in many cosmetics, including shampoos, creams, and facial masks. It is also used in diets in the form of oils or capsules. It brings relief to many ailments, becoming a natural alternative to many medications or an ideal dietary supplement to support our health. So, if CBD oil has such a positive impact on the human body, can it also be used for our four-legged family members? It turns out that this oil can help not only us but also our pets.

CBD oil for animals - since it helps humans, will it support our furry friends too?

Almost all organisms, and certainly animals, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) on which CBD acts similarly to humans. ECS is a matrix of receptors located throughout the body and brain. Both animals and humans produce endocannabinoids to activate the endocannabinoid system. When used, CBD oil for dogs, for example, can increase stimulation and communication between the body's cells, improving overall well-being.

CBD oil for animals - why is it worth using for our pets?

CBD oil for animals has several noteworthy properties, among which are:

  • Positive impact on the nervous system;
  • Supports heart function;
  • Reduces anxiety;
  • Alleviates pain;
  • Fights tumors and alleviates symptoms;
  • Aids digestion;
  • Reduces inflammation;
  • Combats skin problems;
  • Acts as an antiallergic.

cbd oil 10%

CBD oil for dogs for calming purposes

One of the most important uses of CBD oil is stress reduction. It regulates the nervous system and influences the neuroplasticity of the hippocampus - the region responsible for emotions and cognitive functions. Our pets often struggle with behavioral issues such as depression or phobias. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the beneficial effects of CBD oil on the mental comfort of animals. This is especially important when, after remote work, pet owners return to their offices, leaving their animals alone at home for most of the day. During the pandemic, dogs got used to the constant presence of household members. Our return to school or work exposes our pets to the possibility of experiencing separation anxiety when they have to face isolation from humans for a significant part of the day.

CBD oil for dogs for calming purposes can be an ideal and natural solution to help reduce stress levels in our pets, making it easier for them to adapt to the new situation.

What type of CBD product is best to use for dogs?

For animals, the recommended dosage of CBD oil depends on their weight, age, and the intended purpose. An optimal concentration is around 3-6% of CBD. Dogs usually require a higher dosage than cats. On the market, CBD oil is available in various concentrations, but there are also different types of treats that can be given to our pets, for example, by adding them to their food. For smaller dogs, it's better to start with CBD oils with lower concentrations. Additionally, when starting to supplement our dog's diet with CBD oil or if our pet belongs to a smaller breed, it is advisable to opt for CBD oil specifically designed for animals. This is essential because with such oil, we know the exact concentration, allowing us to better control the dosage to avoid harming our furry companion.

cbd oil 5%

Why is it worth buying CBD oil for pets at the Premicanna online store?

The popularity of CBD oils is continuously growing, as is the competitiveness of its market sales. This makes the selection increasingly vast, with various options to choose from. Many people decide to try this product and opt to purchase it online. However, numerous issues can arise from such an extensive availability of different types of CBD oil for pets. At Premicanna, we offer the purchase of trusted and legal products. Our CBD oils come with detailed descriptions and certificates confirming their origin. We take proper care of cultivation, avoiding the use of pesticides, and ensuring our products are free from any toxins. Additionally, the detailed composition of each product is provided on the website for every presented oil. Each product is described, stating the concentration of CBD it contains. Our offered oils also come with a convenient pipette for easy dosing.



How can I make sure that the CBD oil I buy will be safe for my dog?

Our store offers certified oils with proven composition, which is available with each presented product. A detailed description of each ingredient present in a given CBD product is also a great help for the customer.

Can we give CBD oil to our pets?

It is as safe for animals as it is for humans. What's more, it can support and strengthen our pet's body.

In what situations is it best to use CBD oil on our dog?

Our four-legged friends often have skin problems or irritations. CBD oil may prove to be the perfect solution to combat this problem in combination with medications recommended by the veterinarian.


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