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Premicanna Affiliate Programm

Announcing the Premicanna.store Affiliate Programme

Join the Premicanna.store Affiliate Programme and earn money selling dietary supplements. We offer attractive commissions, permanent customer attribution and many other benefits. Whether you are an influencer or simply want to help us reach a larger audience, you are welcome. Our affiliate programme is open to anyone who wants to make money from our CBD products.

As part of our programme, we offer attractive commissions for every customer purchase that is acquired through your unique reflink code. Importantly, every customer acquired from your reflink is permanently assigned to you and there is no customer expiry date.


How does the Premicanna Affiliate Programme work?

  1. Fill out this form to apply for participation in our affiliate programme.
  2. Tell us which content and campaigns you have created or would like to create .
  3. The Premicanna.store team will create a dedicated affiliate page for you and link it to your personalised affiliate link. Check out what a personalised page looks like: https://premicanna.store/wojciechdera

Proceeds from your reflink, and this amount will be immediately added to your affiliate account.

Each customer who makes a purchase via your reflink will be credited to your affiliate account and you will receive a % on each customer order. You will see all orders and commissions in your affiliate account.

The Premicanna affiliate programme offers even more opportunities to generate additional income!

  • If your customer buys additional products from us, you will receive a % of the proceeds of the sale.
  • If your customer joins our affiliate programme, you will receive a share of the proceeds from all their referrals!

We want you to see the Premicanna.store as a source of revenue for your business. We will help you succeed and make it as easy as possible.

How do I withdraw funds from the Premicanna Affiliate Programme?

What is Reflink?

A reflink, otherwise known as a 'referral link' or 'affiliate link', is an extremely important tool in the Premicanna.store Affiliate Programme. This unique link is specifically assigned to you as part of our affiliate programme. This remarkable tool contains a special identifier that allows us to assign your customers who click on this link directly to your partnership.

  1. When a customer accesses our site via your reflink, every purchase they make translates into your benefits. The system tracks your activity using cookies, which means that a commission is attributed to you every time a customer buys products from us. This process continues as long as the cookie remains active on the customer's computer.
  2. However, this is not the end of the benefits. If the person you refer decides to create an account with us, this account becomes permanently assigned to you. What does this mean? It means that you will receive a commission for every purchase made by that person for as long as they remain our customer. This makes working with us not only profitable, but also long-term, giving you the opportunity to earn over many months and years.

What does Relfink look like?

An affiliate reflink can take many forms, but generally consists of the URL of the target site (in this case premicanna.store) and a unique username or affiliate ID. Here is an example of what your reflink could look like:


In the example above, 'YourName' is the affiliate's unique identifier. The affiliate receives this reflink and can share it on their social media, in email campaigns, on their website or elsewhere. When someone clicks on this reflink and makes a purchase, the affiliate is automatically identified as yours and the corresponding commission is credited to your affiliate account.



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