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Cannabis and vision disorders and diseases

Cannabis and vision disorders and diseases

Deteriorating vision is often treated as an inevitable situation resulting from the human aging process. Our sight becomes less sharp and we become more susceptible to a range of potential eye diseases. Among these issues, glaucoma and cataracts stand out. Hence, there's a continuous search for new products to halt or even reverse this adverse process. This is why the impact of marijuana on vision has been researched. However, due to the illegality of the psychoactive substance THC, scientists focused on the fully legal and safe CBD, which is also seen as a solution for escalating vision problems affecting many people in our society.

CBD for eye diseases

How does this substance work in practice for diseases affecting our vision? The impact of CBD on vision is evident in the case of industrial hemp, from which CBD, or cannabidiol, originates. Scientists noticed that in the case of glaucoma, CBD has unique properties that should be utilized to counteract the consequences of progressing eye diseases. Moreover, unlike the THC contained in some types of cannabis, CBD from industrial hemp has no psychoactive effects, it is non-addictive, and only relaxes in a safe way.

What do current studies on CBD oil look like?

Researchers are still verifying how exactly hemp oil affects the eyes, but they already see the possibility of using this substance especially in alleviating the extremely dangerous and painful consequences of glaucoma. This disease causes damage to the retina nerve, which leads to increased eye pressure. Already in 2006, studies indicated that the properties of marijuana can be used to lower intraocular pressure, and pain can be reduced within four hours of applying the substance. However, these studies clearly emphasized how unknown the specific ways of CBD action are to us, as panic reactions occurred in individual people.

What about uveitis?

Among other problematic visual ailments, it is worth looking at uveitis. This condition includes inflammatory states of the eye that manifest themselves, among other things, in swelling and tissue destruction. This in turn leads to partial loss of vision, and in some cases to total blindness. As the disease progresses, more and more components of the eye are damaged, including the lens, optic nerve, retina, and vitreous body. Here, ongoing research began to prove that CBD positively affects some particularly adverse inflammatory conditions. CBD has neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps reduce inflammation of the uvea and related infectious and autoimmune diseases.

Macular degeneration - how does CBD work?

With the activation of retinal microglia, tissue damage may increase, and macular degeneration may occur. This is caused by inflammatory disorders, which CBD oil can also act upon. Here, scientists would like to utilize the anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective action of CBD.

CBD in diabetes and vision protection

In the case of diabetes, diabetic retinopathy can occur, which destroys the barrier at the blood-retina level. CBD shows properties that allow reducing nitrogen stress, oxidative stress, and cell death. Researchers indicate the possibility of using the properties of CBD in diabetes to prevent worsening inflammation. By providing appropriate protection at the neuron level, they believe it is possible to prevent diabetic retinopathy. However, this still requires detailed examination.


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