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Talk of hemp is invariably associated with narcotic substances extracted from the cannabis flower. While this stimulant has extremely mixed reviews, it is a mistake to think that the same should be true of cannabis and the CBD extract extracted from it. The substance is completely safe, legal, does not cause psychotic conditions and is an excellent health-promoting agent. Recently, hemp facial oil has become increasingly popular. The variety of uses for hemp seed also means that natural cosmetics for combating acne, among other things, have an excellent field of application. So what should you know about this use of hemp oil?

Hemp oil - properties and compatibility with nature

For years now, the effects of hemp oil on human health have been studied worldwide. A number of studies from all over the world confirm the unique yet versatile use characterising hemp oil.

Although there are many other properties of hemp oil, the last one mentioned is of particular interest to us. It is the regeneration of the body that is the reason why hemp oil is most often applied to the face. However, it should be emphasised that it is a good idea to buy products from reliable shops that specialise specifically in hemp seed. This way, we will be sure that the product we receive is pure and tested.

How to use hemp oil for the face?

Two main ways are indicated on how to apply hemp seed oil. It depends on whether we leave it in oil form or not. These two proven ways are:

  • The aforementioned oil - this is consumed orally, thus supplementing the diet.
  • Hemp ointment - the oil prepared as a face lotion is applied externally.

Depending on the method chosen, we should approach supplementation in a different way. In the case of CBD oil in its natural form, two tablespoons per day should be used. However, if we opt for an ointment, we should simply rub it into the areas we want to treat. Above all, this should be done directly on the face. Experts recommend moistening the skin with a toner beforehand, which will help the product penetrate deeper into the facial skin.

Hemp oil for the face - effects

It is not without reason that we may wonder how hemp oil for the face works. After all, the effects of using the product are the main reason why we chose to reach for it in the first place. Some of the beneficial effects include:

  • Improved sleep quality, which translates into an improved complexion and facial appearance;
  • Soothing irritation;

Safety of hemp oil for the face

The question of safety is fundamental when using any substance, oil, ointment or lotion. It is no different with CBD oil. The pharmacological industry has carefully researched the effects of this substance in order to be sure that it is actually possible to use this type of substance. Due to an increasing number of studies, it can be said that CBD oil is not dangerous for us. First of all, it is definitely different from the narcotic THC. Of course, the body can react incorrectly if we take too high a dose of the product, but this is no different from other supplements.

Hemp oil for the face - product reviews

Looking through the information available on the web about CBD oil, it is impossible not to notice that it enjoys very positive reactions. Above all, one can see the popularity that hemp oil for the face has. The reviews about it are overwhelmingly positive. However, it is important to remember that CBD is only a supplement - its use on the face is best consulted with a specialist.


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