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Hops and cannabis - what are the similarities?

Hops and cannabis - what are the similarities?

To purchasers of a very hoppy beer, it has probably occurred to many that its aroma is to some extent associated with that of cannabis. It turns out that it is no coincidence that the two aromas are similar. There is quite a lot of similarity between the two plants. It appears that both hemp and hops are from the same family of plants, which are defined as hemp-like plants, and share a lot in common. Even the consumption of active substances based on hops can occur in the same way as with hemp. Find out more about hemp's close cousin, the common hop.

Hemp and hops - what are the similarities between them?

The hemp family includes plants in the nettle category, which can include common hops, Japanese hops, hempseed and cannabis. It therefore follows that hops, as well as cannabis, are plants belonging to this family. This is because they are a group of plants that derive from the same relative and also belong to the rose family. They are related mainly because of the aroma. It appears that both groups of plants are enriched with compounds that are called terpenes. These are responsible for the distinctive strong aroma.

Do hops have any properties?

In the case of hops and cannabis, the inflorescence is the basic raw material, which is used for both food and medicinal purposes. The distinctive hop cones are nothing more than female fruiting bodies. Through chemical analysis, it is possible to extract lupulin, an aromatic resin with a bitter aftertaste, which has a sedative and sleeping effect. It is to this that the medicinal use of hops depends. The cones contain the previously mentioned terpenes, but also polyphenols. According to the researchers, the polyphenols present in hops absorb oxygen free radicals, which makes it a great ability belonging to the highest edible plants we know. Thanks to the lupulin and aromatics found in hops, hops have a calming effect on our body. It is this soothing effect on the nerves that makes it so popular.

What can hops affect?

As mentioned above, hops contain substances that have a positive effect on the nervous system. However, these are not all its benefits. It also promotes regular sleep and enables you to fall asleep. To a certain extent, its effect is fascinating, as it influences the sleep experience and thus the chance to experience so-called conscious sleep. In addition, here is certainly good news for women, as the essence of hops has a soothing effect on female hormonal disorders, especially during menopause. There is also a theory about the compounds found in the cones that they can mimic the properties of oestrogen.

Can hops, like cannabis, be vaporised?

It should be noted at the outset that hops should not be heated, as some compounds at higher temperatures, could be toxic to us. The recommended way to vaporise is through vaporisation, which involves inhaling the vapour with the plant compounds diluted in it, which is carried out using a special device such as a vaporiser. The vapour, which has hop compounds, has a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system. The temperature range for vaporising hops is 150 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius. Those who do not have such a device can experience its unique properties by brewing an herbal tea from hops cones.

All that needs to be done is to pour one tablespoon of the herb over two cups of hot water and then steep covered for about ten minutes. Whether you choose infusion or vaporisation as your method of consumption, you should pay particular attention to the quality of the raw material. You should direct your choice towards organically grown plants, but you can also try to find them in the wild in meadows or wetlands. Vaporisation enthusiasts praise the duo of hops and cannabis, where their proportions are one to one, and not just for the taste experience, but mainly for their synergistic effect.


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