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Safe Vaping: No Vitamin E or Phytol | CBD Crystallization Explained

Safe Vaping: No Vitamin E or Phytol | CBD Crystallization Explained

Safe Vaping: No Vitamin E or Phytol | CBD Crystallization Explained

In today's dynamic world of alternative substance consumption, vaporisation is gaining popularity. Many users appreciate its discretion and potential health benefits. However, as the market for vaporisation products grows, questions arise about the ingredients used in these products. In this article, we dispel the myths surrounding the addition of vitamin E, phytol and anti-brickers to vaporisation products, and explain why our CBD vaporisation cartridges can sometimes crystallise.


  • Safety of vaporisation products
  • Crystallisation of CBD oil
  • Vitamin E in vaporisation
  • Avoiding phytol and anti-caking agents
  • Safe ingredients in vaporisation

Why are Vitamin E, Phytol and Antibrisants added to Vaporisation Products?

In the past, some companies introduced ingredients such as vitamin E acetate, phytol or anti-crystallizers into vaporisation products. This was intended to improve the quality of the vapour, thicken the substance and generally improve the vaporisation experience. Unfortunately, these practices were associated with serious health risks. Vitamin E acetate became a symbol of danger after the EVALI outbreak, which was linked to its inhalation. This situation set off alarm bells throughout the industry and caused increased attention to the ingredients used in vapourisation products.

Our Philosophy: Safe Vaporisation Products

At our company, the health and safety of our customers is a priority. That is why we choose a no-compromise approach, refraining from adding vitamin E, phytol or anti-brylaters to our vaporisation products. We want to provide users with products that not only provide effective vaporisation, but also protect their health.

Do Our Products Crystallize? We explain CBD crystallisation

Many users of our vaporisation products have noticed that some of our CBD oil cartridges can sometimes crystallise. This phenomenon is not specific to our products, but is due to the characteristics of CBD itself. When the concentration of CBD exceeds 50%, there is a good chance that the oil will start to crystallise at lower temperatures. However, there is no cause for alarm.

Why Crystallization Doesn't Affect Product Quality?

It is worth understanding that CBD crystallisation is a natural process and does not adversely affect the quality or efficacy of the oil. Rather, crystallisation indicates a high concentration of CBD in the product. What's more, our cartridges are designed in such a way that, once activated, the oil will be heated to the melting point of the CBD and return to a liquid state. This means that crystallisation does not interfere with the vaporisation process or the user experience.


An introduction to vaporisation and related products always comes with some challenges and questions. However, it is worth choosing products from trusted suppliers who are committed to quality, safety and educating their customers. Our company is a proud supporter of this philosophy, eliminating potentially dangerous ingredients and providing products that not only work effectively, but also protect the health of our customers.


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Author: Wojciech Dera, 10.08.2023


Article based on publication: "Vitamin E TPGS used as emulsifier in the solvent evaporation/extraction technique for fabrication of polymeric nanospheres for controlled release of paclitaxel (Taxol)" L Mu 1, S S Feng
PMID: 11943393 DOI: 10.1016/s0168-3659(02)00025-1



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