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Where does the smell of cannabis come from?

Where does the smell of cannabis come from?

Hemp has a characteristic aroma that is slightly sweet and grassy. The compounds present in these plants are responsible for their specific aroma. These are mainly terpenes. There are approximately 200 different compounds in hemp that affect its aroma. The aroma composition of these plants largely depends on the variety as well as the cultivation method. The aroma intensity of hemp is also influenced by the age of the plant's buds.

What affects the smell of hemp?

Where does the smell of hemp come from? It is influenced by the terpenes that affect the specific smell and taste of hemp preparations. The age of the plant also affects the intensity of the hemp smell. The older it gets, the less subtle the aroma and the more pungent it becomes. The aroma can also be affected by the type of soil on which the crop is planted, the sunshine, the weather and the environment.

How do terpenes work?

Terpenes are mainly responsible for the specific aroma in cannabis. These are organic chemical compounds from the hydrocarbon group. The terpenes in hemp have a protective role against insects and animals. They are secreted by the resin glands - the same glands where CBD is produced. Terpenes have beneficial effects on the human body. They improve immunity, have anti-inflammatory and calming properties. They are a full complement to the effects of CBD. Their synergistic effect in combination with cannabinoids has been proven. As for the best method of applying them, aromatherapy is a good option. This makes it possible to take full advantage of the properties of the terpenes.

What terpenes are found in cannabis?

To date, more than 1,000 terpenes found in cannabis have been identified. They differ in their aroma composition, properties and effects on the human body. The aroma of hemp depends on terpenes such as:

  • Pinene- a terpene with a pine-like odour. Apart from hemp, it can be found in rosemary, pine trees, parsley or basil. Alpha-pinene is the most common in hemp plants. It is effective in supporting the treatment of asthma or other respiratory problems.
  • Limonene- found in cannabis and many citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes.
  • Humulene- a terpene with an earthy or musky or even spicy aroma. It is found in sage, hops, ginseng or ginger.Micrene- one of the most commonly produced terpenes in cannabis.
  • Micrene can also be found in hops, mango or eucalyptus.
  • Cariophyllene- is responsible for the spicy aroma and is found in black pepper, among others.
  • Linalool - also found in lavender, its aroma is reminiscent of fresh flowers. It has a calming and anti-stress effect.

What is the smell of products made from hemp?

The aroma of hemp products like oils and dries will vary due to the different substances present. The aroma is of course mainly influenced by cannabinoids, terpenes and other elements. The composition of the ingredients affects not only the aroma, but also the taste, clarity or texture of the oils. The uniqueness of the aromatic composition can also have a role in health-promoting effects.

How do you get rid of the smell of hemp?

Hemp has an intense smell that is very characteristic. If we use cannabidiol products for aromatherapy, an undesirable smell may linger in our home. So how do we mask the aroma of hemp in the home?

To get rid of the smell of cannabis we can use among other things:

  • Essential oils - it is best to use oils such as eucalyptus, rosemary or lavender which will make the room smell floral and fresh
  • Incense sticks - like essential oil diffusers, incense sticks contain strong aromatic compounds that will mask the smell of cannabis well
  • Candles - this is an alternative to incense sticks. Aromatic candles will also do a good job of masking the smell of terpenes.
  • Air purifiers - these work by circulating the air using filters.
  • Odour eliminators- chemical preparations will also do a great job of masking the cannabis armoate.


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