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Cannabis in the kitchen - how to use it?

Cannabis in the kitchen - how to use it?

The health benefits of hemp are usually associated with special oils or ointments. We also naturally associate hemp with clothing. These are our natural associations and there is nothing strange or wrong about it. Hemp clothing, like oils, is very popular, which also means that growing these plants, especially in the form of hemp seeds, is extremely popular. However, few people are aware that you can successfully prepare dishes using this ingredient. Of course, some people know that you can make a cake or cookies, and scrambled eggs with marijuana are also popular. However, this ingredient is illegal in many countries. If we care about exceptional taste and improving health, we can successfully reach for hemp seeds.

How does hemp differ from marijuana?

Primarily, marijuana contains THC compounds, which are responsible for the psychoactive effect of the plant. That's why it is an illegal substance in many countries despite its numerous health benefits. However, experts increasingly emphasize the positive effects of dried hemp seeds, which contain harmless CBD for the psyche and do not contain THC. This means that these are fully legal plants available in the store. It is all the more worth looking at the possibilities of using them directly in the kitchen. Marijuana is illegal and can be addictive, and trace amounts of THC in hemp seeds are rigorously verified so that the plant can be sold at all. If it gets the green light from the appropriate offices, the use of these substances turns out to be completely safe.

How to use hemp in the kitchen?

It turns out that hemp in the kitchen allows you to prepare dietary, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Hemp recipes are based on classic solutions that are simply enriched with this extremely unique ingredient. The dishes become diverse, and their aroma and taste are additionally enriched by the fact that they are extremely healthy and beneficial for the human body. This results directly from the fact that hemp seeds, and specifically the mentioned CBD ingredient, show numerous properties supporting therapies, and therefore allows its use as a supplement.

Benefits of eating hemp seeds

Hemp seeds are a kind of superfood, i.e. a product particularly rich in nutrients necessary for the human body. These are vitamins, trace elements, and various types of fatty acids (unsaturated!) And complete protein. All of this is essential for the proper functioning of the human body, and also supports the fight against heart disease, immune system diseases, arthritis problem, other inflammatory conditions. What's more, hemp seeds perfectly support brain function, and also improve complexion and eyesight.

Examples of using hemp in the kitchen

How can you prepare hemp dishes in practice? Cooking turns out to be extremely simple, however, a lot depends on whether we use seeds or, for example, hemp oil. We definitely cannot use the latter for frying dishes, because under the influence of high temperatures, hemp oil will lose its health properties. Hemp seeds are produced from hemp, as well as gluten-free flour, which is used for baking bread. So what can you create for example?

Hemp milk Ingredients: 1.5 liters of water; Honey - 1 tablespoon; Hulled hemp seeds - 80 g; Cocoa or cinnamon - depending on what we prefer. First, we combine water with seeds and blend for 3 minutes. When a fatty foam gathers on top, we pour the resulting milk through a sieve, and the pulp is left for us for oatmeal. Sweeten the milk with honey and season with cocoa or cinnamon. We can serve it both cold and warm. If we choose the second solution, we cannot heat it above 40 degrees, if of course we care about maintaining the health properties of hemp milk.

Hemp butter Ingredients: Water - a few liters; Hemp flower - 10 g; Butter or coconut oil - 100 g. The preparation is based on crumbling hemp flowers into a heat-resistant dish. We heat these for 15 minutes in an oven at a temperature of 105 degrees Celsius. After this time, we increase the temperature to 120 degrees for another 60 minutes. Then boil a few liters of water in a pot, put a sieve with a jar filled with coconut oil or butter on it so that the fat melts. Then we put the prepared hemp flowers into the jar and screw the jar, leaving it on the sieve with slowly boiling water for 1-2 hours. It is important that the water does not exceed 80 degrees in its temperature. Then we remove the pot from the fire, and unscrew the jar. Pour the oil with the dried fruit through a sieve with gauze or cloth. The butter should be dark green. We put it in a clean jar and put it in the fridge. It is best to consume it within 4 weeks.


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