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How to prepare hemp for fish?

How to prepare hemp for fish?

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing activities. There are many ways to "encourage" fish to take the bait. Primarily, products and foods that these aquatic creatures find extremely tasty are used for this purpose. One such option is hemp as bait for fish, which just needs to be prepared properly. Hemp is a very strong lure, especially for carp and roach, but there's no doubt that all fish love this food. Therefore, it's enough to soak dry hemp seeds to have them ready for fishing. But what should you remember?

How to prepare hemp for fish?

The basic process of preparing bait from hemp involves processing dry seeds in a way that they are safe for fish. What should you consider if you're interested in hemp for fish? Where can you buy ready-made bait? Such products can be found in appropriate fishing shops, but it's better to buy dry hemp seeds. These should be prepared by soaking the dry seeds in cold water and leaving them underwater for 24 hours. Only the next day should we take these seeds with water and transfer them to a pan. In this form, we should cook everything on low heat for 20 to 40 minutes. The point to pay attention to is the disintegration of the grains and the exposure of white sprouts. After this time, we should immerse the seeds again in cold water, which will stop the cooking process. It's worth mentioning that during the cooking of hemp, you will smell a scent that is extremely pleasant, fully natural.

Hemp as bait for fish - how much will we get?

When preparing hemp as bait for fish, we should remember that hemp seeds in this process will only expand by about 10% after cooking, of course, compared to the previous state. This means that a mug filled with dry seeds after cooking will give us just over a liter of bait. This means that if we want to prepare a large amount of product at once, we should definitely produce several mugs at once. Fortunately, we can successfully freeze cooked seeds to defrost later. It's worth taking at least a large mug for a one-time trip.

Roasted hemp

Another method of preparing bait for fish is to opt for roasted seeds. How to roast hemp for fish? This process is very simple. Raw, dry grains are poured directly onto the pan, and then we start the heating process on a small fire. It's recommended to roast the product in small batches to avoid burning. As the grains of hemp turn golden, they are ready to pour out and cool down. This gives us a prepared product that is ready to use when fishing.

How to use hemp on a hook as bait?

Here it's worth explaining how to prepare hemp for a hook. First, we choose several dozen seeds that are not fully open yet, but have already started to crack. Then we can mount the bait by pressing the bend of the hook into the crevice. Above all, we should make sure that the shell of the seeds does not cover the blade of the hook. If we have a problem with such a solution, instead of hemp we can use cocklebur, which is quite similar, but has a softer skin. Hemp is worth using as a mix with other baits. It works well in combination with meat cubes, corn and rings. It is particularly effective as bait for carp.What can you add to hemp for fish?Some suggest what additives will support the process of attracting fish. For this purpose, some add baking soda (more precisely one teaspoon) during stewing to obtain a darker color of hemp. Others recommend adding a little turmeric or chili powder to the cooked hemp seeds.

Hemp for fish - opinions about this solution

Looking at reviews on various forms, we can notice that anglers praise the use of hemp seeds for enjoyable, convenient and above all effective fishing. It is loose bait, which is extremely attractive for fish, so it's worth taking advantage of this undeniable asset of hemp.


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